Texas Memory System IBM RamSan-20 450GB PCIe SLC Flash SSD Server Storage *READ* For Sale

Texas Memory System IBM RamSan-20 450GB PCIe SLC Flash SSD Server Storage *READ*

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Texas Memory System IBM RamSan-20 450GB PCIe SLC Flash SSD Server Storage *READ*:


This card was a return and the individual who bought it said he could NOT get it to work correctly in Windows or Linux. The card itself does show up in hardware with the correct drivers installed (not included) but he could not get it to read or write data as it was not full recognized. So, this is being sold:


This card is used as enterprise grade flash storage for servers. No drivers or other software included. This card is now supported by IBM and is still under valid technical support with them. Since this is a unique and specific type of card, all reasonable offers will be considered.

The RamSan-20 delivers a complete storage system on a PCIe card. It minimizes latency between the server’s processor and storage and is easily installed in minutes. The RamSan-20 delivers 450GB of usable Flash, making it the highest capacity enterprise class PCIe SLC Flash card on the market today. To ensure the greatest possible performance and reliability, the RamSan-20 utilizes Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash. It incorporates extra Flash capacity to accelerate writes and for two levels of data protection, ECC and RAID.

The RamSan-20 offers unparalleled sustained performance, delivering 120,000 IOPS for random read operations. With its fast PCIe connection, the RamSan-20 has a direct low-overhead connection to main memory that eliminates disk controllers, disk cables, and disk chasses.

The RamSan-20 has the features you expect from an enterprise storage card. It was designed for performance, reliability, and simplicity:

  • A storage system on a PCI card
  • Low overhead, high performance
  • High IOPS, bandwidth, and capacity
  • Low power requirements
  • ECC and RAID
  • Embedded wear-leveling PowerPC
  • Four Flash FPGA controllers
  • Quick and easy to install


The RamSan-20’s greatest single asset is the use of an onboard CPU. With an onboard processor to manage the Flash memory and the card functions, the RamSan-20 stands alone in the PCI Flash SSD market. Its design limits use of CPU cycles or RAM space from the host system, thus allowing the host system to do its job of processing and managing application requests and needs.


The RamSan-20 uses SLC NAND Flash for its storage medium. SLC is faster, more resilient and much easier to manage than its consumer counterpart, MLC.


The RamSan-20 is an easy to install, easy to manage block level device. Once the RamSan-20 driver has been installed, it will appear as a standard block device. At this point the product may be partitioned and formatted to any file system, not unlike any other enterprise hard disk drive.

Automatic Error Checking

Storage data integrity is provided by the use of SLC Flash chips with two independent methods of ECC. Each Flash chip incorporates an ECC data field within the chip for initial checking. Additionally, each Flash controller on the RamSan-20 is responsible for 20 Flash chips in RAID-5 configuration, thereby eliminating any single chip failure from corrupting data storage. The Flash wear-leveling algorithm runs on the embedded PowerPC, providing real-time quality assurance independent of the host computer.

Fault Resilient

The RamSan-20 was designed with the enterprise in mind from the chip up. With its onboard processor, 2 levels of error correction coding, RAID functionality for the Flash, use of SLC Flash and a sophisticated wear leveling algorithm, the RamSan-20 is at its heart an enterprise ready, fault resilient PCIe SSD.


The RamSan-20 provides extraordinary performance while consuming a very modest 15 watts of power. Being this powerful, yet Earth friendly can only be described using one word, PEP, Powerful, Efficient Performance. At 120,000 IOPs and only 15 watts, the RamSan-20 delivers 8,000 sustained read IOPs per watt drawn.

Capacity 450 GB


Block Size 4 KBytes

Sustained IOPS:

120,000 random read

50,000 random write

80,000 R/W, R-70%

Burst IOPS

128,000 random read

115,000 random write


700 MB/sec read

500 MB/sec write


80 µs


PowerPC: 333MHz


PCI-e (x4)


15 watts


There isNOTHINGelse included that is not listed or pictured above.

BE ADVISED: All parts have been photographed and serial numbers recorded to reduce component (return) fraud, I will know what parts of mine were used.

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