TrueNAS Server X3200 M3 -Cloud/Storage/Media/Apps - SSD & SAS Array - Loaded For Sale

TrueNAS Server X3200 M3 -Cloud/Storage/Media/Apps - SSD & SAS Array - Loaded

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TrueNAS Server X3200 M3 -Cloud/Storage/Media/Apps - SSD & SAS Array - Loaded:

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TrueNAS Server
IBM X3200 M3 - TYPE 7328 - AC1Processor X3460 @ 2.8GHz [4C/8T]
12GB ECC RAM [2RX8 PC3-10600R-9]
1 x 500GB SSD (For OS)
4 x 2TB SAS (Non-RAID for Data as required by TrueNAS.)(TrueNAS does its own RAID configuration)
OS: TrueNAS Core: TrueNAS-12.0-U8.1
Special Note: The case, with motherboard & Power was acquiredsealed (new) in original IBM box - never opened!
The CPU (upgrade), RAM,SSD, SAS Drives, and TrueNAS were added by Lornville.
TrueNAS OS is installed on the 500GB SSD. This way the SAS drives can be unmounted, replaced and setup on the SAS controller, then remounted on the OS as a larger array.
Re-installation of TrueNAS is not necessary! SATA Enterprise drives can also be used.
Regular desktop SATA drives are not a good choice.SAS drives work just fine with TrueNAS - however, they must be configured (on the RAID controller) as NON-RAID drives. TrueNAS re-configures the NON-RAID array in its own unique RAID format.

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