VINTAGE IBM 5155 Portable PC w/ Original Box For Sale

VINTAGE IBM 5155 Portable PC w/ Original Box

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VINTAGE IBM 5155 Portable PC w/ Original Box:

Up for sale is a vintage IBM 5155 computer that includes original keyboard and storage box. The computer does boot up as shown in the photo. A PC professional burned a DOS 2.1 OS onto a floppy for me but I was unable to get the floppy drive to boot DOS. I may, in the near future, attempt to boot from the second floppy disc drive to see if I have any success there.
Condition notes:
Exterior and interior are very clean. No oxidation on circuit boards as shown in photos. This was stored in the box for a large number of years. Someone wrote $100.00 on two of the inner flaps of the cardboard computer storage box.
Originally, the computer would not boot updue to bad "tantalum capacitors" on the Mother Board and Video Card. All tantalums on the video card were removed and replaced. The two tantalums that filter power on the MoBo were removed and not replaced (this would require a full disassembly). I will include 10X tantalum capacitors if you have the ability/desire to install the missing ones on the MoBo.

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