Vintage APS Zero Footprint 44MB Syquest Disk Cartridge Drive + EXTRAS -- WORKING For Sale

Vintage APS Zero Footprint 44MB Syquest Disk Cartridge Drive + EXTRAS -- WORKING

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Vintage APS Zero Footprint 44MB Syquest Disk Cartridge Drive + EXTRAS -- WORKING:

You are offerding on a working APS Syquest 44MB removable disk cartridge drive PLUS three tested good 44MB disks.
This vintage APS Syquest 44MB drive is working (see photo 2). Drive and all three disk cartridges were tested to work using a Macintosh SE/30. Everything appears to be working properly. I was able to format disks, write files, and read files using this drive. On my Mac no special software was required, but PC's might require drivers. The Mac SE/30 shown in photo 2 is not included in this sale.
This is a "zero footprint" drive, which means that it fits exactly under vintage Macintosh computers such as the Mac Plus, SE, and SE/30. Many companies packaged Syquest drives for resale, but IMHO APS was among the best. Their power supplies are very reliable, externally fused, and work on any voltage from 100 to 230 VAC. The back of the drive has two AC outlets for additional devices (see photo 4). And, of course, there's a switch to select the SCSI ID.Syquest drives are a good way to add additional storage to a vintage Mac or PC. At 44MB per cartridge each disk is comparable in size to the internal hard drive on many vintage Macs and nearly as fast. A Syquest drive and a set of disk cartridges provides convenient backup and off-line storage for oodles of files, programs, or games.This listing includes the drive and three genuine Syquest SQ400 44MB disks. It also includes a power cord and a SCSI terminator. It does not include a SCSI cable: There are so many different types and lengths of SCSI cables that it's better for you to get exactly the kind and length you need.I have been collecting and restoring vintage computers for a long time. Please see my other sales forvintage Macs andMac parts, plus occasional other vintage computing items.


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