Vintage Apple II Plus Computer a2s1048 *For Parts* For Sale

Vintage Apple II Plus Computer a2s1048 *For Parts*

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Vintage Apple II Plus Computer a2s1048 *For Parts*:

The computer powers on and displays the white screen with black lines seen in the 2nd picture. Typing using the keyboard moves the cursor on the screen but nothing typed is visible. The computer has not been tested further because of these issues and is being sold as is for parts/repair. The computer is missing the top cover and the ribbon cable on the side is torn partway through (see pictures). The end of that same ribbon cable has had the pins bent and a couple pins are missing as well (see pictures).Please check the condition description and the picturesto know what you are purchasing. After payment is received, shippingshould occur within 2 business days.
If you have anyquestions, please ask them before you purchase the item, we will tryto answer them as quickly and completely as possible.

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