Vintage Apple Macintosh SE M5011 SuperDrive For Sale

Vintage Apple Macintosh SE M5011 SuperDrive

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Vintage Apple Macintosh SE M5011 SuperDrive:

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  • These units arrived to us exactly as pictured and that's how we will be selling them. We have no background experience using these units and no way of testing them because of there proprietary power supplies. Since these units are not tested we have to sell them totally as is for parts not working with a no return policy. These are being sold as parts units. We do not know if these units are working or not. We do not know what parts are working or not working. We have provided numerous pictures to give a better understanding of the overall physical condition. These exact units that are in the pictures are what you will get. We do not know if they are missing parts or complete. The pictures provided will have to do most of the explaining for this sale. No other parts or accessories will be included in this sale.
  • For parts only, antique (No mouse or keyboard included)
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