Vintage Atari 800 Computer/Video Game Console Bundle w/AV & HDMI Cords - Tested For Sale

Vintage Atari 800 Computer/Video Game Console Bundle w/AV & HDMI Cords - Tested

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Vintage Atari 800 Computer/Video Game Console Bundle w/AV & HDMI Cords - Tested:

Vintage Atari 800 Computer and Game Console - Tested and Working in Good ConditionNew HDMI Cord and audio cable included to run sight and sound on modern TVs for the full gaming experience
This is the Atari Motherlode! You are in for some serious 1980's nostalgia and fun when you jump back in time with the Atari 800 Home Computer/Video Games Console Bundle with all original parts and cords (plus the brand new HDMI and audio cables discussed below). The Atari 800 was introduced in 1979 as one of the first fully functional home computer and game console combination to ensure you could work and play. This was my husband's personal computer/system and he was the only owner/user (outside of the system was tested on a modern HDMI tv using a new deluxe AV2HDMI computer cable and a new 5-pin audio cable (included in original packaging with the bundle), so this system is in full working order and integrated for modern play. Just remember that this is a very different and much slower pace than modern gaming - you will experience what the early 80's really felt like with the highest tech available to the public for its time. ***Please note that the console keyboard spacebar is missing and will need to be replaced. That could be as easy as taping a small strip of plastic down or sourcing the spare part online. You can still play everything as-is. Larger pictures can be provided on request.
The complete computer/game bundle includes:
  • Atari 800 with up to 48K memory, with 4 bays containing (3) 16KB original RAM cards/boards and (1) original 10K ROM card/board (1979)
  • Atari 810 Floppy disk drive - with original Atari floppy disk "Master Diskette II - DOS II" (CXE8104). There is another floppy disc that says "System Diskette My DOS 3.18"
  • Atari 830 Acoustic Modem
  • Atari 850 Modem Interface
  • Atari 410 Program recorder for software cartridges
  • Atari original Game and Computer Cartridges:Basic Computer Language (CXL4002), Telelink 1 Computer Communications (CXL4015), Basketball Game (CXL4004), Music Composer (CXL4007), Space Invaders (CXL4008), Star Raiders (CXL4011), Missle Command (CXL4012), Asteroids (CXL4013), Pac-Man (CXL4022), Defender (CXL4025), Donkey Kong by Nintendo (RX8031), Tennis (RX8042), Soccer (THB12003), and Epyx Pitstop
  • Atari 410 original Program Recorder Tapes: Touch Typing Beginner (CX4110-A), Touch Typing Advanced (CX4110-B), Blackjack (CX4105)
  • Floppy discs:Atari Master Diskette II (CX8104), Atari Home Filing Manager Program Diskette (CX8129), Home Filing Manager (CX8111), Atari/Borderland Software - The Print Shop and The Print Shop Companion (plus Data Disk #1), Leaderboard Pro Golf Simulator, Match Racer Game by Gebelli, Atari Caverns of Mars (CX8130). There are several other discs in the storage box that I will include but the original labels have fallen off. They may be empty or may contain bonus materials.
  • Power Supply and Cords: Power Pack - SA8240 (CO17945), Power Pack - SA 8221 (CO17945), Power Supply - O582J (CO14319), Cordon Amovible cord, Power supply cord (901017), Data Connector - Atari 830 to 850 (modem), Atari 850 interface, Data Connector - Atari 830 to 810, Connector cord - ISHENG IS-07, Connector cord - 830175A
  • (NEW) Deluxe AV2HDMI computer cable and 5-pin audio cable - the audio cable is essential for the console to connect to the gaming cartridges, program recorder and modem
  • Printer: Epson Daisy Wheel printer
  • Controllers: Two (2) Atari Controllers, (1) Wico Command Controller
Shipping/Pickup Options:
  • Professional pack and ship service calculated based on your location and shipped through USPS with insurance required. I can confirm exact shipping amount when your address and shipping preferences are supplied.
  • Item will be available for pickup in the Phoenix metro area within 24 hours of confirmed payment and receipt in my account. If local pickup, you can also pay cash on delivery. **I cannot allow pickup until the funds are confirmed paid into my account.
  • No shipping outside the continental US due to weight and the delicate nature of 44 year old computer equipment. It drives and feels like a tank in comparison to modern computers. That's part of the fun.
  • The case it's stored in is both large and heavy as computer equipment was in 1979. I have it packed in a large, wheeled hard-sided suitcase with a pull handle that I will allow you to keep if you want it (if picked up in person) for ease of moving it. I will have bubble wrap available for the individual pieces if needed to ensure it gets to your destination intact.
NO Returns:
  • Please ensure you know what you're purchasing before offerding. Feel free to ask questions. Due to the fragile equipment and age, as well as the bulk and weight, these items cannot be returned for buyer's remorse. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • These items were in working order at time of listing and have been verified by an outside expertwho tested the equipment with all of the items shown in the attached pictures. All of the items shipped will match the posted pictures for verification if there is a dispute.
  • Warranties cannot be issued due to the age, weight and nature of the equipment.

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