Vintage IBM PC 5150 Mainframe Tower Dual Floppy Hard Drive 1981 Power On For Sale

Vintage IBM PC 5150 Mainframe Tower Dual Floppy Hard Drive 1981 Power On

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Vintage IBM PC 5150 Mainframe Tower Dual Floppy Hard Drive 1981 Power On:

This is an IBM PC (Model 5150) desktop computer. This was the computer that made This vintage computer receives power and sounds like a normal computer. We do not have the knowledge or equipment to further test this machine, so we're selling it AS-IS. This computer includes just the tower. We didn't try to clean the patina off this machine, we only gave it a light dusting. It originally was owned by Brigham Young University. We've left the vintage asset tag on as well. Please note that this computer has a poorly repaired wire. I think this is to connect a monitor, but I'm not positive. You're going to want to repair that.
Please note that these are VINTAGE machines. They run DOS and early versions of Windows that have been unsupported for at least two or three decades. We sell modern computers that are perfect for going online and using in today's modern computing world, but this isn't one of them. This is a perfect machine for collectors, retro gamers, running older industrial machinery that requires a vintage OS, or tons of other uses! Let your imagination run wild! If you do not know how to work on vintage computers, this listing isn't for you
Please review the photographs for cosmetic details. Vintage computers always have some scuffs, scrapes, dings, and scratches- they've had many years to accumulate those beauty marks. These machine are in nice cosmetic shape for the age. They have some scuffs, scrapes, and some minor blemishes throughout- they're used, after all. This particular computer has rust on the top of the case, and by the power switch. Please inspect the photos before buying, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime! We want your retro computing experience to be a fun one!We ship the next business day for most orders- your computer will arrive quickly and you'll be using it before you know it! We do not offer returns for compatibility issues or software issues- please make sure that this will work for your needs before you purchase. Thanks for looking!

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