Vintage Macintosh SE/30 Computer (M5119) w/KB/mouse - Great working condition For Sale

Vintage Macintosh SE/30 Computer (M5119) w/KB/mouse - Great working condition

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Vintage Macintosh SE/30 Computer (M5119) w/KB/mouse - Great working condition:

This is a Macintosh SE/30 Computer, M5119, 800K disk drive, 120Mb HD, 1.2Mb RAMin great working condition. This is a very nice looking and great running used vintage Macintosh SE/30 computer. This unit looks to be well taken care of. The over color is fairly uniform with some light yellowing due to aging, mostly on the back. The unit has just a few marks/abrasions on the case but overall,in nice condition. Included are an Apple keyboard (some minor aging coloration noted) and mouse (minimal yellowing due to age), both in very good working condition. The onboard 3.5 disk drive (800K) functions (read capability) and eject disks correctly. Write capability was not tested. All external parts have been wiped down and cleaned.
The 120Mb HD is loaded with games and some applications such as ClarisWorks, MS Word and MS Excel. The system has 5,120K of onboard memory. OS system loaded is v7.1. See images of loaded applications and system configuration. Note: lines on the screen imaged are created by the differing refresh rate of the modern phone cameras and the computer. Lines do not exist on the computer.As this is a vintage computer, we are selling it as-is with no return.
This package includes the following:
  • Macintosh SE Computer Model M5119, Serial No F9453R2K02, Mfg in Cupertino, CA. (1989).
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II, Model #M3501
  • Flexible keyboard pigtail cord.
  • Apple Desktop BusMouse II, Model # M2706
  • Mac comes with a power cord.
The unit will be properly bubble wrapped and packing peanuts andwill be shipped via FedEx Ground Home Delivery service.
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