Vintage Microcomputer Magazine Articles 1977-1983, TRS-80, PET, Altair, IMSAI For Sale

Vintage Microcomputer Magazine Articles 1977-1983, TRS-80, PET, Altair, IMSAI

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Vintage Microcomputer Magazine Articles 1977-1983, TRS-80, PET, Altair, IMSAI:

Vintage Personal Computer Magazine Articles
Historic and FascinatingTRS-80, PET, Altair, IMSAI, others
I was going through my files of microcomputer-related magazine articles from the 1970s and 1980s, and found these gems. It\'s time for me to let them go.
These magazine articles were pulled/cut from magazines published between 1977 and 1983. They show various signs of age and wear, and some have damage from removal of labels. Some have a small amount of writing on them. See photos and description below for detailed condition information. All have been carefully stored in a dry, smoke-free, temperature-controlled environment for decades. I am the original owner of the magazines from which these articles were pulled.
Here\'s what you\'ll get:
  • Time magazine, January 3, 1983, Cover Story \"Machine of the Year: The Computer Moves In\".
    • The entire two-page fold-out magazine cover
    • Pages 12-13 \"A New World Dawns\"
    • Pages 14-24 \"The Computer Moves In\"
    • Pages 25-27 \"The Updated Book of Jobs\"
    • Pages 28-29 \"Other Maestros of the Micro\"
    • Pages 30-32 \"Big Dimwits and Little Geniuses\" and \"How to \'Write\' Programs\"
    • Pages 37-39 \"The Hottest-Selling Hardware\" and \"Glork! A Glossary for Gweeps\" and \"Parts of the Personal Computer and What They Do\"
    • NOTE: All pages have a single set of staple holes, where the article was stapled together. Some of the included pages contain ads for cigarettes and alcohol.
  • BYTE magazine, November 1977, page 46, \"The TRS-80: Radio Shack\'s New Entry into the Personal Computer Market\"
    • This article highlights one of the three \"1977 Trinity\" computers which sparked consumer interest in purchasing microcomputers, later known as the TRS-80 Model I.
    • One thing that\'s really interesting about this, to TRS-80 enthusiasts, is the photos of prototypes for the expansion interface and floppy disk drive. Both the form factor and color scheme of these two prototypes was nowhere even close to what the realexpansion interface and floppy disk drive looked like.
    • NOTE: This page has some thinning and wrinkling near the upper left corner, where a label was apparently removed.
  • Popular Science magazine, October 1977, Cover Story \"New $595 home computer: Low-cost models can change your life-style\"
    • Magazine cover showing the never-released \"rounded corners\" prototype of the Commodore PET computer (one of the \"1977 Trinity\")
    • Pages 30-36, \"New home computers can change your life-style\"
      • In addition to highlighting the Commodore PET, this article shows various hobbyist and consumer microcomputersof that era, including the Heath H-8, TRS-80, MITS Altair 8800, SWTP 6800, IMSAI 8048, Sol, Xitan, Compucolor, Cromemco, Poly88, Vector Graphic Vector 1+, OSI Challenger, and EPA 6800.
    • NOTE: The cover page has some damage where a mailing label was removed. There is some writing in the upper right corner of page 30.Some of the included pages contain ads for cigarettes.
  • Creative Computing magazine, June 1981, pages 70-80 \"Complete Listing of Android Nim by Leo Christopherson\"
    • The entire program source code listing in TRS-80 BASIC (Level II BASIC, I believe) for the popular Android Nim game. (This has nothing at all to do with the Android operating system, which arrived much much later.)
    • Lots of vintage computing ads are included as well.
    • NOTE: There are staple holes in the upper corner of each page.
  • US News & World Report, November 21, 1977, pages 77-78 \"Soon: A Computer in Every Home?\"
    • This general article features photos of the TRS-80 Model I and a Neiman Markus Digital Group computer.
    • NOTE: The page has multiple creases along the top and bottom, and a stain about halfway down near the left edge.
  • Kilobaud, January 1978, pages 44-49, \"The TRS-80: How Does it Stack Up?\"
    • This article features an in-depth technical discussion of the 1977 TRS-80 Model I microcomputer.
    • Several vintage ads are included.
    • NOTE:There are staple holes in the upper corner of each page. The first page has some thinning and wrinkling near the upper left corner, where a label was apparently removed.
  • Money magazine, May 1978, pages 84, 85, 89, 90. \"My PET and I: Testing the appliance of the future, a home computer, a Money editor finds the future doesn\'t always work\"
    • This article features a user\'s perspective on the Commodore PET 2001 microcomputer from 1977.
    • NOTE:There is some writing at the bottom of the first page. There are staple holes in the upper corner of each page.
All pages have some degree of yellowing from age. What you see in the photos is what you get. See photos for additional condition details.
Keep in mind that none of these are full magazines. They are just specific pages pulled/cut from the original magazines.
These pages are shipped flat.
If you have any questions about this item, please ask before purchasing, making an offer, or placing a offer.
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Due to unforeseen changes in public health restrictions during the pandemic, there may be a delay of a day or two in shipping. I will contact you with the actual shipping date. Thank you for your understanding.
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