Vintage Power Macintosh 9600/300 PowerPC 604ev - 256MB RAM, Mac OS 9 - Works For Sale

Vintage Power Macintosh 9600/300 PowerPC 604ev - 256MB RAM, Mac OS 9 - Works

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Vintage Power Macintosh 9600/300 PowerPC 604ev - 256MB RAM, Mac OS 9 - Works:

You are offerding on a vintage Apple Power Macintosh 9600 computer, manufactured October 1997. The 9600 was the top-of-the-line professional Mac of its time, and one of the most expandable of the era with six PCI slots. This is a 300MHz model with the later revision Kansas logic board. This particular unit has been upgraded with expanded memory and a Zip 100 drive and is in excellent working order. The Mac runs well with no known issues and all hardware has passed MacTest Pro diagnostics. The CD-ROM, floppy drive, and Zip 100 drive have all been tested to read disks properly. Hard drive has been wiped clean and a fresh install of Mac OS 9.1 is on the drive. Specifications are as follows:
- 300MHz PowerPC 604ev processor- 1MB L2 cache- 256MB RAM- 4GB IBM SCSI hard drive- CD-ROM, floppy, and Zip 100 drives- iXMicro Twin Turbo OEM video card
Cosmetically, this Power Mac 9600 is in very good condition with no broken or cracked plastics. There are a few light surface scuffs on the casing as seen in the photos, but it is overall in very good shape. The computer is very clean both inside and out. There is some light yellowing noticeable on the right side and top of the case as seen in the photos. However, the computer is overall not very yellowed and is still very close to the original platinum color aside from these areas.
This Mac was used originally in an office environment for graphics work and has been stored indoors in a climate-controlled space since being retired from that use several years ago. PRAM battery has been removed to prevent leakage; the Mac should run fine without it, or you may choose to replace it if you want to retain time and other settings when disconnected from power. sale includes the Power Macintosh 9600 computer and power cord, no other accessories are included.
Shipping is calculated based on the actual packaged size and weight of the item via UPS ground. This is a very large and heavy computer and needs to be well-packed to arrive safely at its new home. Local pickup is also available and is ideal, as vintage computers can be fragile and should be transported carefully to avoid damage. Although the Mac is fully working and guaranteed not-DOA, it is a 25 year old and sold as-is without any warranty. Please check compatibility with your other hardware and software and ask any questions prior to offerding, thank you!

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