Vintage Windows XP Retro Gaming PC • Athon X2 3GB RAM/500GB HD/GTX650 KB+Mouse For Sale

Vintage Windows XP Retro Gaming PC • Athon X2 3GB RAM/500GB HD/GTX650 KB+Mouse

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Vintage Windows XP Retro Gaming PC • Athon X2 3GB RAM/500GB HD/GTX650 KB+Mouse:

ABOUT:For your consideration is another piece from my personal collection of retro gaming systems, a fully curated Athon X2 dual core system in mid-2000’s shiny black with matching PS/2 mechanical keyboard and Microsoft mouse. I have hoarded this specific tower for years due to its key position in the history of gaming PCs, being a quintessential midrange build from the Crysis era, when AMD was the undisputed boss of gaming processors. This PC was designed to be a turnkey vintage gaming rig for old CD and DVD-based Windows games from the 90's through the late 2000's, excelling at titles like UT99, Quake, Morrowind, Runescape, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, etc. The 1GB GTX650 is massive overkill for nearly every game up until Custom-Built ATX tower

• ASUS M3A78-EM AMD motherboard w/ IDE, Floppy, SATA, USB 2.0

• Athlon X2 7750 Dual Core CPU

• 4GB RAM (3.2gb useable by WinXP)

• GeForce GTX 650 1GB GPU (w/ VGA, DVI, and HDMI)

• 500GB SATA HD in quick-swappable SATA front access bay

• Pioneer DVD-RW

• Front 3.5" media bay with CF, SD, Memorystick slots

• Period-correct Adesso PS/2 mechanical keyboard w/ Cherry Blue switches & USB + audio pass-thrus

• Microsoft USB Optical mouse

• Windows XP SP3 w/ drivers and vintage software load system was updated from the original motherboard + case combo to be a formidable retro-gaming PC, with new GPU, upgraded RAM, new HD, and new rear case fan installed. The system has been restored from scratch with Windows XP Pro SP3. LAN Networking and audio drivers were installed from ASUS' driver repository website. Nvidia Driver 368 installed and updated.

This retro tower was loaded out with a complete spectrum of classic 90's and early 2000's software, all freshly installed and ready for a new user to enjoy. Some included titles can be seen on the desktop and in the above photos.

CONDITION AND TESTING:This tower was restored from CD and received many hours of thorough testing as each piece of software was installed. DVD drive was tested to read and install from multiple CDs. Red USB 2.0 portstested with a mouse and a thumb drive backup disk. The GeForce GPU was tested with Unreal Tournament '99 Game Of The Year edition, maxed 1080p settings (included on the drive!).

This classic 2000's tower was part of my personal collection of retro PCs and is in great condition for the age, with light scuffing and scratches here and there, but no abuse damage or heavy wear. The chassis is better than average for a custom workstation of this era, with no water or rust damage and no issues with the power supply or 90mm intake fan. Please note that the vintage ATX power supply is louder than a modern 80Plus unit, but is in good working vintage PC is designed to be an easy turn-key experience for an enthusiast wanting to get back into retro gaming. THIS IS A VINTAGE, 16YEAR OLD COMPUTER.It is being sold as a collectors item and is not intended as a daily computer. Windows XP is an abandoned vintage operating system that is not meant for daily driving and definitely not meant for heavy internet use.

This tower is offered with a guarantee of NOT-DOA, meaning the unit will arrive in functional condition as described and photographed, and include the described accessories as well as a power cable to successfully plug in and power on.THIS UNIT HAS NO ADDITIONAL GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY FOR LONGEVITY and *NO DRIVER OR SOFTWARE GUARANTEE*,IT IS A "VINTAGE" COMPUTER THAT WILL REQUIRE ENTHUSIAST TINKERING NOW AND AGAIN. INSTALLED SOFTWARE IS OFFERED AS AN ANACHRONISTIC & AMUSING REPRESENTATION OF THIS COMPUTER WHEN-NEW AND IS NOT GUARANTEED. SOFTWARE INCLUDES NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Unit will be very well packaged for shipment and cannot be sent to a PO Box due to the weight and size of the box.

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