Vintage Zorba Portable Luggable Computer Rare For Sale

Vintage Zorba Portable Luggable Computer Rare

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Vintage Zorba Portable Luggable Computer Rare:

Vintage Zorba Portable Luggable Computer Rare. Untested... I make No Guarantees. For Parts or Repair. No returns on this item.
Cosmetically in good condition. Keyboard shows small tears on the edges (See Pics).Taken from WorthPoint....
Rare Modular Micros Zorba Portable Computer. This vintage Zorba 7 portable computer is from early 1980s.The computer boots up perfectly, I can not fully test because I don't have the 5.25 inch floppy diskettes..Cosmetically ABOUT ZORBA COMPUTER:The Zorba was first manufactured and sold in 1983 by Telcon, a company specialized in telecomunication equipments manufacturing. For $190 more, the user could order the Perfect Software Package including the 'Perfect Writer' word processor, the 'Perfect Speller' spell checker, the 'Perfect Filer' database manager and the 'Perfect Calc' spreadsheet.Having spent a lot of money designing the Zorba, Telcon was seeking new investors to market its portable and settle a network sales. It was then bought up by ModComp (Modular Computer), a company specialized in mini-computer manufacturing. A group called Modular Micro Group, specialized in Zorba marketing was created. Two versions of the Zorba where sold by Modular Micros.Modular Micros Zorba 77" CRT2 410K floppies22lbsIn prod. by '84$1595Modular MicrosZorba 20009" CRT2 820K Floppies (10M HD avail)25 lbs.In prod. by '84~$2000 In spite of that, results were very bad and one year after its launch date, Zorba computers stock was sold to Gemini, a company specialized in selling off surplus stocks, which sold them at a very low prices ($799).In the end, approximately six thousand (6000) Zorba's were sold.Very Rare Fine!!Sold as is - no returns

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