Working 1984 Apple Mac Macintosh 128K M0001 - Restored/Serviced/Tested For Sale

Working 1984 Apple Mac Macintosh 128K M0001 - Restored/Serviced/Tested
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Working 1984 Apple Mac Macintosh 128K M0001 - Restored/Serviced/Tested:

Up for you consideration on the 40th birthday of the Macintosh, is a beautiful, original, non-upgraded, collectible, rare, classic, iconic, restored, serviced, tested, clean and working 1984 Macintosh model M0001. Very early, week 9 of 1984 production, with a 400k internal floppy disk drive and 128k of memory. Includes matching keyboard and mouse.
Towards the end of January 1984, Apple introduced the first Macintosh. It was a revolutionary computer with 128KB of memory and it was the first available, “affordable”, consumer computer with a graphical user interface. Because the majority of original Mac owners had their computer upgraded to 512K of memory (by an Apple dealer or by a third party), few of the first original, non-upgraded, 1984, 128k Macs remain - with the original case, the original logic board, the original "Macintosh" rear emblem and the original 400 KB disk drive.
This particular 1984 Macintosh is one of the earliest Macintoshes ever produced and one of the rare such models in its original configuration without upgrades.
This Mac, its keyboard and its mouse are in excellent, condition - very clean, with only light signs of use. This is a rare find... unlike many Macs being offered which are dusty, dirty, filthy, damaged and unevenly discolored; this computer is clean and is an even beige color.
From what I could see, other than some faint use marks and light surface scratches, the system has no cracks, no chips, no broken parts, no missing parts, no stickers, no sticker residue, no marker writings and no engravings. It looks great! The system was recently dusted, cleaned and serviced. The analog board’s troublesome RIFA cap has been replaced and all critical high voltage solder joints on the analog board have been reflowed. The screen is clear, bright, stable and sharp with no screen burn-in. The logic board looks all original with chips carrying date codes consistent with the production date of this computer. The correct, early, “A” version of the ROMs is installed. The memory chips are the original soldered chips with the Apple logo - not socketed like some units that were upgraded to 512k and then downgraded to 128k for resale. The logic board has had 5 defective memory chips replaced. The logic board is very clean and in great condition – cosmetic and functional. The computer starts up normally, with a loud bong. Audio is loud and clear. The 400KB floppy drive has been disassembled, serviced, cleaned of old grease and lubricated; the drive’s head has been cleaned – the drive loads, reads, writes, formats and ejects, single-sided floppy disks as intended. Original Macs are completely dependent on the floppy drive, as there is no hard disk - so having a properly serviced and tested floppy disk drive like this one is essential for actual use.
This listing includes the original 1984 Apple keyboard (model M0110) in excellent condition, the original, Apple mouse (model M0100) in excellent condition and the original coiled keyboard cable (un-stretched) with undamaged connector clips, an Apple-original power cable with the Apple logo on it (the cable is an ImageWriter cable and not the factory original, bottom angled, Mac cable) and a working copy (not Apple-original) of the 400KB system boot disk. Also included are all the original memory chips that were replaced and the replaced RIFA capacitor. The keyboard has been disassembled, cleaned and fully tested - all keycaps have been washed and all keys have been confirmed to function as intended. The mouse has been cleaned, including the internal rollers, sensors and ball - it works perfectly. The original rubber pads/feet are still present on the base of the computer, however they were missing from underneath the keyboard and have been replaced by similar sized transparent pads. The long depleted, expensive and hard to source clock/PRAM backup battery has been replaced by a fully functional, 3D-printed, replacement battery holder designed to use cheap and readily available LR-44 button cells (not included). With either this battery holder and three button cells or the original battery model, the computer can keep time and stored parameters even when unplugged.
The computer has been extensively tested: sound, internal floppy port, external floppy port, keyboard port, mouse port, video, brightness control, memory, etc... Everything is working as intended.
All items in this listing were stored in a smoke-free, climate-controlled, environment - no smoke smell or musty odors absorbed by any of the included items.
Unlike many vintage 1984 Macs being sold, lacking system details, lacking technical descriptions, lacking pictures of the internals, in a condition of: "as-is", "untested", "for repair or restoration", "no boot disk to test" / "does not boot" / "screen with disk and question mark" (hidden upgrade?), "original model number" (means absolutely nothing, as most original 128Ks were upgraded!), no functional details, no logic board details, no memory details, no upgrade details, no floppy drive details, this is a restored, tested and fully documented, working computer in excellent condition.
The "Apple Macintosh" was officially released on January 24, 1984. This particular Macintosh is an early production unit with serial number F40919FM0001- it is the 1477th Mac manufactured during the 9th week of 1984 (i.e. the week of February 27th, 1984) in Fremont, California, USA. This unit was produced within 5 weeks following the official release of the Mac!
If you're looking for an early, original, highly collectible, fully functional and restored Mac, here is a great opportunity to acquire one.
This early production model, in this particular, unmodified, configuration, is quite scarce and finding one which is in clean cosmetic condition, restored, tested and functional... and with early matching mouse and keyboard such as this unit, is not easy... This Macintosh is ready for prominent display and use by the new owner, it needs absolutely nothing! It’s ready to plug-in and use. You will not be disappointed!
This is a fantastic and unique opportunity for a serious collector to own a unique piece of early computing history. This is one of a handful of Apple models which have the signatures of the design team (including Steve Jobs') molded on the inside of the case.
All photos are of the exact items the buyer will receive. Nothing else is included. Additional photos are available upon request. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to offerding. I will do my best to answer them as quickly and as completely as possible.
Considering its age, and despite it having been extensively tested, it IS 40 years old technology and as such, I cannot guarantee continued functioning. This lot is being sold “as-is” without any guarantee, offered or implied; no returns accepted.
Ready to ship - very well packed with bubble wrap and custom cut Styrofoam. This lot will be shipped insured and tracked using a seller-selected shipping service.
I only ship to mainland USA and Canada.

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