Z80 - NABU PC & Keyboard - Vintage New Old Stock (Retro 80's) For Sale

Z80 - NABU PC & Keyboard - Vintage New Old Stock (Retro 80's)
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Z80 - NABU PC & Keyboard - Vintage New Old Stock (Retro 80's):

Z80 - NABU Personal Computer & Keyboard - Vintage New Old Stock (Retro 80's)
Found a few more!
From the seller that brought you "NABU Fever"!
SALE CONDITIONS: As a condition of sale you must read, understand, and agree to the following: 1.) There is no Operating System (OS) and so you can't perform any functions with the NABU Computer. It just displays the NABU logo and monitors for an NABU Adaptor and keyboard. You need to have programming skills and an EPROM Emulator to write code and bring the computer to life. There are a number of vintage collectors who are buying these computers. And there is a growing community of developers working on them. 2.) These NABU Computers are from the early 80s and are "new old" stock. And so, there is no guarantee of performance, function, or operation of these computers. I test for several basic computer functions before I ship, so at that point, they run. I only ship computers that pass the tests and run. Because of the state and purpose of these computers, there is an absolute "No Return/No Refund Policy". You must understand these details as a condition of sale.
CONTENTS:The shipping box contains 1 NABU Personal Computer, 1 NABU Keyboard, 1 Keyboard Cable, and 1 NABU Personal Computer User Guide. The equipment is Vintage New Old Stock (Retro 80's), and it is in excellent condition. The condition of the shipping box varies from good to poor condition. (The shipping boxes have been stored for almost 40 years!) Some NABU Computers may be shipped in new 22"x14"x10"(non-original) shipping boxes.
MARKET: There are several reasons why one might want to purchase a NABU Computer: 1.) To run the original 80's NABU Games, now available on servers*. 2.) To run the Programs (including CP/M), now available on servers*. 3.) To develop hardware (circuits) and/or software (code) for it. 4.) As a vintage computer collector. 5.) To appreciate its retro style and technology. 6.) As a present for one of the above.
*RS-422/USB converter Z80 computer is very cost effective and provides a terrific platform for projects or products. It would also make a great educational platform for courses in microcomputer hardware/software embedded systems training. They were manufactured by a major brand name, and they look just great. They are new old stock and we offer them at an incredible price.
HISTORY: The NABU (Natural Access to Bi-directional Utilities) Computer was an early home computer system and a component of the NABU Network which operated from 1982 to 1985. The NABU Network was a closed network that operated over a cable TV system and was a precursor to the internet. The NABU Adaptor was the functional “modem” of the system that connected the NABU Computer to the NABU Network through a Cable TV provider. The computer could download applications and information from NABU Servers through the NABU Network. The download data rate was a very fast 6.4 megabytes per second (but upload was slow). It has been called, “The Internet – 10 years ahead of its time”. The NABU project was heavily subsidized by the Canadian government and at its peak NABU had 900 employees. The NABU Computer originally cost $950.
TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Here is the basic technical information concerning the features and functions of the Z80 NABU Computer. The system includes: Computer, Keyboard, Cables, User’s Manual, and on-line technical manual & schematics. (It has the same chipset resources as the ColecoVision Video Game System and the MSX Computer Microprocessor*- running at 3.58MHz- Interrupts: eight levels, maskable, mode 2 vectored- 64K DRAM - (System RAM) eight HM4864P-2- 4/8K EPROM - jumper select 4K or 8K- comes with 4K EPROM (many routines)- no operating system available- develop code with an EPROM emulator- may be de-selected by softwareTMS9918 Video Display*- Composite Color Video (NTSC Compatible)- TV RF Modulator (Ch 3 or Ch 4)- 16K DRAM - (Video RAM) eight TMS4116-15NL- 256 x 92 Resolution (Graphics)- 40 x 24 Text (TV Screen Readable)- 32 Sprite Planes (Animation Patterns)- 15 Colors (Plus Transparent)AY-3-8910 Sound Generator*- 3 Channels of Sound- Sound Effects, Music Synthesis, Alarms- TV Set Output (RF Modulator)- External Amplifier Output (Line level)TR1863 High Speed UART*- EIA RS-422 protocol- Full Duplex, 111 Kbits/sec- Network Serial Interface- 5-pin DIN connector- can be modified for standard BAUD rates- can be modified for RS-232/RS-485 protocolsD8251AC USART- EIA RS-422- Keyboard Serial Interface- 6-pin DIN connectorSN74LS Series Logic Chips- 32 Low Power Schottky Logic Chips
*Chip in Socket
Keyboard (17"x7"x2.5")- charcoal gray, black keys- durable plastic, full stroke keyboard- 2-key rollover, auto repeat- 2 DB-9 joystick connectors
Computer I/O4 Card Slots- 30 pin 0.1" SIP male header- for user I/O Circuits or Cards- contains bi-directional data lines- contains 16 decoded addresses each- other signals: control, clocks, powerAudio Output- RCA phono connector- 10 KOhm output impedance- 1.5V p-p signalVideo Output- RCA phono connector- 75 Ohm 1V p-p, +/-6dB negative sync- Composite Video (NTSC Compatible)External RF Input- Type-F connector- 75 Ohm CATV cable input- input signal for normal TV viewingTV RF Output- Type-F connector- ASTEC UM 1285-8 Modulator- 75 Ohm cable output- Video and Audio are RF modulated- Ch 3 or Ch 4 modulator switch- software switchable output (TV/Computer)Network Serial Interface- 5-pin DIN connector- RS-422 protocol, Full Duplex, 111 Kbits/secKeyboard Serial Interface- 6-pin DIN connector- serial RS-422 protocolPrinter Interface- DB-15 connector- 8-bit parallel printer port with handshaking
Power Supply- 40 Watts AC/DC Switching Supply & Fan- +5V@2.5A/+12V@2.0A/-12V@0.1A- sealed and separate from motherboard- quiet cooling fan
Enclosure (18.5"x11"x4")- charcoal gray, with plastic front panel- contains power supply & motherboard- 4-screw, easy open, easy access cover- Front: ON/OFF & reset switches- Front: 4 LEDs, 3 are programmable- Back: 7 connectors & 4 I/O panels- all metal case, effective RF shielding

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