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List V3.8.1 bugs here

1. No USB keyboard support on Dell Optiplex GX280. (SOLVED)

Some hardware details:

* USB Keyboard: Happens to be a Danish keyboard, shouldn't matter.
  * SUSE identifies the keyboard as "Dell USB Keyboard Hub" and uses the hid driver
* USB Mouse
* Pentium 4
* SATA hard drive


* Keyboard works at the "KNOPPIX: " boot prompt, anything after that it doesn't
* above the "Welcome to KNOPPIX... (etc)" white text line, you have:
    1. image of tux
    2. audit(somenumber.???:?)
    3. ata2: disabling port
  it's that 3rd line that perplexes me.
* Hangs 30 seconds into booting, immediately after message: "2.78 Knoppix booting"
* It seems it never detects anything USB (though the USB mouse kinda works later...)
* booting "debug" asks to type exit to continue... nothing responds on the keyboard
* booting "failsafe" makes it all the way to KDE where the mouse (mostly) works, but the keyboard does not.
* booting "expert" fails when it needs KB input to select SCSI drivers.
* booting the {nousb|nousb2|lang=da} all fail.
* booting "knoppix testcd" fails similarly
* booting "failsafe testcd" tests the CD and makes it into KDE as prev. mentioned


* ?? I've tried a lot of tweaking and some searching, anyone experiencing similar issues?
* Is anyone having success with 3.8.1 and a new Dell?

solution: booted with "knoppix acpi=off" and all was well. Apparently this Dell gx280 uses a 'difficult' power management ... chipset (likely the wrong word.)

suggestion: list acpi=off in the F3 list of boot parameters, it's more pertinent than some of the others that made the list.



--Jvw 16:49, 11 Apr 2005 (GMT) Damn you beat me on the first one ;-)

With knoppix 3.8.1 (english) on an IBM x335 machine and console attached via a console chain cable the keyboard becomes inoperative after Knoppix has booted. After the CPU tuxes the following lines are written to the console:

i8042: Can't read CTR while initiating i8042
ide2: I/O resource 0x1E8-0x1EF not free
ide2: ports already in use, skipping probe

This did not happen with Knoppix 3.4 (english). Just to let you know. For further information please write: jvwCHANGETHISTOATSIGNiwr.fzk.de

3. Typo

If you open K Menu -> KNOPPIX -> Utilities you will see "Chose/Restart KNOPPIX Desktop." That should read "Choose/Restart KNOPPIX Desktop." Just a small typo, but it seems to have escaped the developer's watch in the last few releases.

4. USB2.0 Storage device slow speed

[CLH] USB2.0 external hard disk is auto-mounted as ub device, which is using USB 1 transfer speed, far slower than using sd_mod. for example, trying to mount /dev/sda1 gives error because module sd_mod is not available (modprobe sd_mod gives error) should recompile kernel with scsi module (sd_mod) support. Also check out the usbmount http://usbmount.alioth.debian.org/ which automount external USB storage devices , I tried Ubuntu liveCD and it worked well at USB2 speed.

5. Keyboard not working after loading

Hardware Details:

*Dell Latitude D610

Error Messages:

*i8042: Can't read CTR while initiating i8042
*ide2: I/O resource 0x1E8-0x1EF not free
*ide2: ports already in use, skipping probe

After that point it seems the keyboard is non-functional. Touchpad/eraser are not functional either. Doing a "shutdown" will get to the point of "eject CD and hit return" keyboard still not functional. Worked fine in English V 3.6. USB Mouse works.

have you tried the acpi=off boot parameter? our machines may share a similar (Dell) issue.

Beside setting acpi=off, I've changed the following in the BIOS of the Latitude D610. Keypad(embedded) Enable ByNumlock

NumlockLed Off

This solved the problem for the locked keyboard and mouse.

6. Wrong major device numbers on all /dev/ub* devices

All /dev/ub* devices have wrong major device number. Major device number should be 180 not 125. This prevents Knoppix from being booted from an USB stick. After figureing out and modifying minirt.gz Knoppix booted from my USB Stick as supposed to be. You can check this via

cat /proc/partitions

after booting Knoppix from CDROM and inserting USB-Stick.

A comment by xerces8 : Similar problem with an external USB CD-ROM. Knoppix v3.7 works. Knoppix v3.7 with "knoppix26" errors : Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem. Knoppix v3.8.1-EN errors : can't find KNOPPIX filesystem.

7. Another "keyboard not working after loading", but this time not on a dell.

I have an Epox based homebrew machine, worked fine under 3.6, and now neither keyboard or mouse work after the USB search has been done on bootup. No obvious error messages, although I can't get in to look at any logs. Tried acpi=off but it didn't help.

8. PS/2 mice do not work with the new kernel v2.6.11

In the forum thread http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18188 it has come up that some motherboards have problems with the new kernel v2.6.11. The PS/2 mice are recognized, but you are unable to move the pointer.

The bug first showed with the experimental kernel 2.6.9 on the KNOPPIX v3.7; kernel v2.4.x are not affected (as far as I know yet).

I tried all know cheats, as well as some from people in the thread, but nothing worked out.

9. Persistent home directory does not work

As described in http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18372 the persistent home directory feature does not work on my system using a USB flash memory drive.

10. Knoppix does not enable DMA on IDE devices by default (even on the CD drive Knoppix is running from!). This has serious deleterious effects on performance. --Akrowne 22:31, 23 Apr 2005 (GMT)

11. After a few hours of intense network activity (with my Tulip PCI card), the networking ceases to work, and USB dies (taking my mouse with it). On the console, messages about IRQ 11 "going away" and "nobody cared!" appear. I am trying Knoppix with the "acpi=noirq" kernel parameter to see what happens. --Akrowne 22:31, 23 Apr 2005 (GMT)

12. Can't boot from external USB CDROM drive. Now with the kernel 2.6.x is not possible to boot from an external USB CDROM while with knoppix-3.7 with linux-2.4.x I could. Now knoppix-3.8.1 defaults to linux-2.6.x so it's no possible to go back to linux-2.4 and boot correctly.

13. Serial mouse is not more detected since first 2.6.x kernel. Actually it is detected as "USB Mouse" in XF86Config-4 Please try to fix this. (By the way, no problem with Kanotix remastered versions of Knoppix) If it is not easy to always automatically detect the mouse what about force detection with a new cheatcode? Best regards, (oscar)