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List V3.8.2 bugs here

1. Fails to boot from external USB DVD-CD drive

Early in boot, it prints : Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem. and drops into a mini shell.

See also bug 6 on page V3.8.1 bugs

2. smbfs has a 2 gigabyte file size limit

In the 21th century. tsk tsk tsk ...

3. Serial mouse is not more detected since first 2.6.x kernel. Actually it is detected as "USB Mouse". Please try to fix this. (By the way, no problem with Kanotix remastered versions of Knoppix, so it may work). If it is not easy to always automatically detect the mouse what about force detection with a new cheatcode, for example knoppix serialmouse, or knoppix usbmouse etc. (oscar)