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I just added this new buglist, since I found bugs in 4.0.1. ;-) -KK

1.) Reported by: KK

The knoppix-terminalserver script does not setup the initrd correctly because ld-linux.so.2 is skipped when parsing the ldd output. Therefore, neither pump nor ifconfig can start when booting the terminalserver client.

Solution: Prior to starting the terminalserver, do a

wget -O - ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/knoppix-dvd/KNOPPIX_V4.0.1DVD-knoppix-terminalserver.patch | sudo patch -p0

2.) Reported by: KK

The automatically generated desktop icons for harddisks are named "Festplatte" in all languages. Sorry, I screwed up here when shortening the hd icon label in order to display the real device name.

3.) Reported by: KK

/usr/bin/cdrecord, /usr/bin/cdrdao, /usr/bin/cdda2wav and /usr/bin/cdparanoia have wrong (missing) group execute permissions.

Solution: Before using any of these programs or running k3b, do a

sudo chmod g+w /usr/bin/{cdrecord,cdrdao,cdda2wav,cdparanoia}

4.) Reported by: pbs

OpenOffice does not open existing documents.

Solution: See workaround for bug #18 in http://www.knoppix.net/wiki/Bugs/3.9-2005-05-27.

5.) Reported by: pbs

Mouse not activated when using KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switch; KVM switch works transparently for V3.8.2,V3.9,V4.0DVDLinuxtag.

Update 20050916: Wiggling mouse before and during the startup autoconfiguration sequence does help.

6:) Reported by: guest

Boot option testcd don't work cause new version of md5sum change option -v to --status for verbose mode

7.) Reported by: KK

unionfs is broken again, but not as heavily as in 3.9. If you install certain packages with dpkg or apt-get, a kernel oops can happen, though it doesn't freeze the system. This is quite bad for people (like me) who like to test-install new software on the live system, so because of this (and the prior reported bugs) there will be a hotfix of the 4.0.2 DVD soon (probably even before I get a chance to finish the CD).

8.) Reported by: Witbear

Problems with networking. Having to use 'nodhcp' cheat code to boot. Trying to use Network to add adapters (namely RA2500 wireless and VIA Rhine II on my particular machine), the wizard works fine until 'Apply' when process hangs. Therefore can't use networking.

9.) Reported by: stuartyeates

The dhcp fails to renew leases. This typically results in a complete loss of networking exactly 24 hours after booting (most leases run for 24 hours).

10.) Reported by: Entonian

USB printers are not detected.