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GRUB Configuration Error

There are two problems with option label dos for loading FreeDos balder.img. There is no memdisk file in /boot/isolinux folder and the isolinux.cfg sintax is wrong

The correct syntax is

KERNEL /boot/isolinux/memdisk
APPEND initrd=/boot/isolinux/balder.img

Mouse Configuration Default Error

KNOPPIX incorrectly guesses that my serial mouse uses the "Microsoft" protocol, with the result that my mouse pointer hops around almost at random. It works correctly if I edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf replacing the mouse protocol "Microsoft" with "MouseSystems" or "auto". Since the "auto" protocol would presumably work with a "Microsoft" mouse, too, that would seem to be a better default for KNOPPIX to use.

(see discussion by clicking "discussion" above)

Rolf Leggewie: Not sure this is related, but indeed the "mouse" of my Thinkpad X20 which is one of those red Trackpoint thingies does not work at all. "dpkg-reconfigure xorg-xserver" and things got working again. Looking at xorg.conf it seems the following changes are relevant: /dev/input/mice instead of /dev/ttyS0, CorePointer and ImPS/2 instead of Microsoft protocol

Default myconfig error

Knoppix 5.1.1's knoppix-autoconfig script has an error with regard to "default" myconfig. In the case where knoppix has been remastered with knoppix.sh and configs.tbz in the CD root (/) the test for knoppix.sh is wrong. Line 1310 should be changed from:

MYCONFIG="$(ls -1d /cdrom/KNOPPIX/[Kk][Nn][Oo][Pp][Pp][Ii][Xx].[Ss][Hh] 2>/dev/null)"


MYCONFIG="$(ls -1d /KNOPPIX/[Kk][Nn][Oo][Pp][Pp][Ii][Xx].[Ss][Hh] 2>/dev/null)"

This will allow a default myconfig (e.g. if the myconfig= argument is not given) to detect the presence of the knoppix.sh script.

--Hanumant 16:04, 14 Jun 2007 (UTC)

Timezone setting error

Knoppix 5.1.1's knoppix-autoconfig script has an omission with regard to setting the timezone. The script set /etc/local time around line 557. It should also update the file /etc/timezone:

 rm -f /etc/timezone
 echo "$TZ" > /etc/timezone

--Hanumant 16:06, 14 Jun 2007 (UTC)

fstab error

rebuildfstab adds the following garbage to /etc/fstab on a system with no hard drive:

 # Added by KNOPPIX
    noauto,users,exec 0 0

Here is a fix:

 --- /usr/sbin/rebuildfstab.orig       2007-06-26 09:16:54.972750170 -0400
 +++ /usr/sbin/rebuildfstab    2007-06-26 09:17:42.095435539 -0400
 @@ -75,2 +75,3 @@
 +scanpartitions | \
  while read device mountpoint fstype relax; do
 @@ -98,5 +99,3 @@
     echo "$device $mountpoint $fstype $options 0 0"; }
 -done >>"$TMP" <<EOT
 +done >>"$TMP"

--Johntobey 13:32, 26 Jun 2007 (UTC)

TestDisk error

TestDisk refers to an old version of libntfs. As a result, when you start it, it gives this error:

testdisk: error while loading shared libraries: libntfs.so.9: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Solution: create a symlink to the new version of the library:

ln -s libntfs.so.10 /usr/lib/libntfs.so.9

-- 01:09, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

No Unicode support

Knoppix has no UTF-8 support. This means that files in hard drives (especially NTFS) that use characters other than those of ISO-1 encoding are not accessible for Knoppix (they don't show up at all).

-- 12:08, 23 March 2008 (UTC)