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Which version should I download?

The newest official versions should always be on the official BitTorrent Tracker, so get the most current status of version information there. They usually show up shortly after on most of the mirrors also, but some mirrors may take a week or more to update.

Official versions of Knoppix will have both a version number and a release date in their name. Some versions of Knoppix had several releases with different dates for minor bug fixes but did not change the version number, so checking the release date may be important.

Most of you needs the "KNOPPIX" and not "ADRIANE-KNOPPIX" version. "ADRIANE-KNOPPIX" is a special version for blind people.

The file names (before the ISO extension) will end in either DE or EN. The DE version will by default boot into German. The EN version will default to booting into English.

Most mirrors also contain some older version of Knoppix. There is currently no known website that offers all old released versions of Knoppix.

How do I get the current DVD?

  • Download KNOPPIX via BitTorrent. You can use the tool Transmission for this with its default settings. Start this tool and open the .torrent-file with it. You get a set of all related files also the md5 file automatically in one download. → BitTorrent has its own checks and the md5 is only a second recheck of a good download.
  • Download KNOPPIX from Mirrors. Try to choose the mirror nearest you for best results. When downloading from a mirror, then also download the accompanying MD5 file too.

Knoppix packages list

Version 7.7.0

Version 7.6.1


What are these md5 files?

These files contains checksums for the actual DVD. A checksum is a way of fingerprinting files. Just like a real fingerprint identifies a single person, a checksum is unique and matches exactly one file. It is used to verify that the file downloaded matches the original all the way down to the smallest details.

Many file corruption problems have been observed when downloading from the mirrors. It is very important to check the md5 checksum if you use a mirror. If you've downloaded your Knoppix using the Torrents, you don't need to test integrity with md5sum. This will be done automatically by your Torrent client.

This discussion is about a separate md5 file that you can download from the mirror or that comes down as an individual file in the package of files that you get when you download with BitTorrent. The .md5 file is a plain-text file and can be viewed in a text editor or web browser.

Change to the download directory, where your KNOPPIX_V...EN.iso download is and the download of the KNOPPIX_V...EN.iso.md5 file. After this use

 md5sum -c KNOPPIX_V...EN.iso.md5

Attention: Instead of KNOPPIX_V...EN.iso.md5 use the real name.

  • When downloading and running under Windows, you can check the md5 checksum with Get-FileHash.

Checking the sha1 hash works the same as above.

sha1sum -c KNOPPIX_V...EN.iso.sha1

uses the .sha1 hash file that you can downloaded with the .iso image file.

What are these asc files?

If there is ever an uncertainty as whether or not the ISO image file and its accompanying MD5 file are originals & untampered, then the .asc files are important. The .asc files are digital signature messages.

Look for the public key of Klaus Knopper:

 gpg --keyserver --search-keys "Klaus Knopper"

You'll get the message:

gpg --keyserver --search-keys "Klaus Knopper"
gpg: searching for "Klaus Knopper" from hkp server
(1)    Klaus Knopper <>
    Klaus Knopper <>
      1024 bit RSA key BA8F038D, created: 2000-05-09
(2)    Klaus Knopper <>
    Klaus Knopper <>
    Klaus Knopper <>
      1024 bit DSA key 57E37087, created: 2000-05-06
(3)    Klaus Knopper <>
      1024 bit RSA key D3892431, created: 1996-02-11
Keys 1-3 of 3 for "Klaus Knopper".  Enter number(s), N)ext, or Q)uit > 2
gpg: requesting key 57E37087 from hkp server
gpg: DBG: armor-keys-failed (KEY 0x0E573DA0F13969EF1DD5ACAA3798E3D757E37087 BEGIN
) ->0
gpg: DBG: armor-keys-failed (KEY 0x0E573DA0F13969EF1DD5ACAA3798E3D757E37087 END
) ->0
gpg: key 57E37087: "Klaus Knopper <>" not changed
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:              unchanged: 1

Klaus Knopper has signed the "...md5" file with his secret key; we can verify this:

 gpg --verify KNOPPIX_V7.6.1DVD-2016-01-16-DE.iso.md5.asc 

and get:

gpg: Signature made Sun Jan 24 19:41:31 2016 CET using DSA key ID 57E37087
gpg: Good signature from "Klaus Knopper <>"
gpg:                 aka "Klaus Knopper <>"
gpg:                 aka "Klaus Knopper <>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 0E57 3DA0 F139 69EF 1DD5  ACAA 3798 E3D7 57E3 7087
gpg: WARNING: not a detached signature; file 'KNOPPIX_V7.6.1DVD-2016-01-16-DE.iso.md5' was NOT verified!

When in doubt we have to ask Prof. Knopper for his fingerprint telephonic or by letter.


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