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Q: What is the root password?


Live CD:

From the Using FAQ : there is none; in Knoppix LiveCD all passwords are locked by default.

You can set root password by going Knoppix Menu->Root Shell and typing "passwd", then enterting a root password, also there are several sections you can read dealing with this subject in KNOPPIX/README_Security.txt. You can also type "sudo su" or "sudo -s" in any console window, or use <ctr>-<alt>-F2 to get at the text console with already opened root shell.

Apparently, however, in some versions of Knoppix, if you type 'sudo -s', it will ask for a password. If you simply press return without entering anything, it will tell you 'Authentication Failed."

Hard disk installation: Open a console window (monitor icon on taskbar) and use the command su then enter the root password.

If you added a user but are unable to 'su' or 'sudo' once logged in as a user, you may not have set a 'root' password during the install process. Reboot with the KNOPPIX disc, mount the harddrive partition that contains your freshly installed KNOPPIX files:

  • For me it was
    • mount /dev/hda1
  • Change root to harddisk:
    • chroot /mnt/hda1
  • Then edit the sudoers file (not 'vi /etc/sudoers' because that's the OS in RAM)
    • visudo
  • For an easier editor use:
    • EDITOR=mcedit visudo
  • Then change the line:
  • to the username you have set up already, example:
bob      ALL=NOPASSWD: All
  • Reboot from your harddrive and then create the 'root' password:
    • sudo passwd
  • done

  • More information:

See : Root (computing) on wikipedia

Q: What is a root directory?

A: See Root directory on wikipedia