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01-03-2005, 02:42 AM
is there a english version out yet? how the hell do you stop the snow??

01-05-2005, 10:14 AM
i think this is a loose thread... what game??

01-08-2005, 07:55 AM
He is talking about the new version of Knoppix
"Game Knoppix"

01-08-2005, 08:02 AM
oh ok... thats good then... that means i am lost :D.... thanks B3LLo for clearing that up...

01-08-2005, 10:22 AM
i found out the original knoppixs games is complete german no english versions at all. but theres a new vesion out i tested it out today its alright. 1 thing tho they left out konq.

01-09-2005, 02:07 AM
i found it english

and about the snow
you go to start menu (or whatever linux call it)
then Toys
and Xsnow - Stop

then you need to refresh your desktop

03-04-2005, 08:21 PM
I have just downloaded the english version, but I didnt see the different from ordinary knoppix.. I thought this version is full of knoppix games just like its name....

So, anyone could tell me what this version for ? or any purpose for ?

or it just a name 'n nothing to do with game.. :-(


03-31-2005, 02:52 PM
There is a big difference. It supports the ATI and nvidia 3D with its built in drivers and has more games. Unfortunately, 3.7-2 version is not installable on HD. To start 3.7-1 in English just type : knoppix lang=us at boot.