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Thread: Changing the Boot-up Configuration

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    Changing the Boot-up Configuration

    Is it possible to change the KNOPPIX bootup configuration so KNOPPIX searches for the USB memory drive for the persistant home directory instead of getting the configuration information from the CD disk... ? I would also like it to install into RAM without typing the commands KNOPPIX TORAM MYCONFIG=/mnt/sda1 I would like this process to be completely automatic.

    I thought this information would be in the LILO configuration... but I see nothing in LILO related to that type of configuration files.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for customizing KNOPPIX...


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    There is a forum for customizing Knoppix and we have covered this in that forum. Search the forums for isolinux.cfg and you will find disscussion about adding/removing boot time cheatcodes to it.

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