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Thread: NTFS, GRUB, NTLDR, not MBR, etc.,

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    NTFS, GRUB, NTLDR, not MBR, etc.,


    I'm seeking a proper boot loader for my very specific purpose. and I'd like whether
    I can use Knoppix system. Can I get some information ?

    The preriquisite is as follows:

    It must be installed in NTFS file system, NOT MBR.
    It must not destroy MBR.
    It must be chain loaded from NTLDR. so It must have ability to recognize NTFS.
    I must load some Linux kernel in NTFS from the boot loader. (vmlinz + initrd.gz)

    Does your project fit my needs ? I try to use GRUB + NTFS patch, and put some related
    stuffs(stage1, stage2, ...) into C:\boot directory, edit c:\boot.ini to see grub.
    Tt works well for a while. but I found that it can not work well in some system,
    Panasonic CF-T2, for example. I'm very curious. because both machine use NTFS filesystem,
    one can work well, the other can't. I suspect that NTFS patch has some bug.


    - Sakamoto

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    Grub on NTFS works but is kinda temperamental ! (eg does not always see files in subdirectories, etc-) OTOH, grub is mostly useful on machines which you reinstall often, or with a lot of operating systems, as its maintenance only implies editing a config file (menu.lst). If you want a simple dual boot, I suggest you install linux to its own partition, let lilo install to the start of that partiion (e.g. /dev/hda2, *not* mbr), then copy the initial sector of said partiion to your NTFS drive (via diskette, USB key, or ntfs3g support in latest knoppix), and plug it into boot.ini. As usual, google is your friend!

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    Hello sakamoto motoharu,
    You should investigate Wingrub, (Grub for Windows) WINGRB0206.EXE from
    WinGrub web forums,

    I have a hobby if trying out various bootloaders and I have WinGrub in one of my computers, it works fine for me. It seems to match your criteria.
    I had only one problem with it, I found I could not use it to boot a Linux installation with Grub when the other Grub it has to chainload uses the 'savedefault' command. As long as that command is commented out (disabled), Wingrub works very well, I have been using it for quite a while now.
    The documentatioin for WinGrub is a bit sketchy. I have made my own webpage about how I set up Wingrub, that might help you. Here is the link,

    If you are using Vista, EasyBCD would probably be better,

    Regards, Herman

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