I'm trying to boot my computer using Knoppix Live CD 5.1.1 after my computer crashed again and it's the only Live CD that I have. After I hit enter and it starts loading I see the penguin picture than after about 3 lines of loading I get: Accessing Knoppix CD at /dev/hda...insmod: error inserting '/cdrom/KNOPPIX/modules/cloup.ko' : -1 Out of memory It repeats the error than does nothing. I've used this version Knoppix CD before on the same computer with no worries. I'm new to where I live so I don't know anyone who could download a new version for me if thats the case. I know pretty much nothing about Linux, I just need to get some stuff off my hard drive before I get rid of my computer it now time for an upgrade. I know It's a memory error and probably not the disc itself but any ideas or suggestions to help me out would be greatful.