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Thread: Knoppix Cluster

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    Knoppix Cluster

    Hi there,

    I am currently working on a project to create a cluster using Knoppix and Open Mosix. I have two Dell GX280's currently, connected through a 10/100 switch. The machines ping each other and therefore know they are there, however:

    My issue is when I issue the command "tyd -m" on the node I get:

    "Pluto control file [/var/run/pluto.ctl] was not found in 0 retries.
    Ty-d: trying node [] for mapme
    Pluto control file [/var/run/pluto.ctl] was not found in 0 retries."

    That same thing continues to pop up several times typically with a large gap of time in between.

    While on the master I run the command "tyd" to announce it as the master, and it responds:
    "Ty-d: crypt type IPSEC will be used.
    Ty-d: This default gateway will be used []
    Ty-d: Pluto control file [/var/run/pluto.ctl] was not found in 0 retries.
    Ty-d: terrence completed, starting phillip."

    At this point it just sits at that output and does not return a clean command line.

    From what I can tell this file pluto.ctl is what is giving me the issue. If someone could tell me what it is and possibly how to fix this I would appreciate.

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    Wow Exygot !

    Open Mosix stopped development in 2008 and clusterKnoppix in 2004 !

    I thing pluto is something to do with the OpenSwan implementation of IPSEC. Try I doubt there is anyone on this forum can help you.

    Good luck with your project.

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