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Thread: HELP!!! Newb here!

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    HELP!!! Newb here!

    I could really use some help figuring out linux. I installed Knoppix 6.4.3 on HD and I cant for the life of me figure out how to install teamviewer or google chrome. I had done it once before but I don't remember any of it. Any help would be appreciated. I'm completely clueless.

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    There are a LOT of ways to do this kind of thing (many with "apt" in the name.) If you just want to get Chrome and start using it, the two options in bold below should do it. If you want to learn all about software installation, then you should begin by searching the web for more information on "apt-get" and "dpkg" - which will lead you to some other programs worth researching. Basic software installation is mostly done by newbs via Main menu->Preferences->Synaptic Package Manager (for which you would need some tutorial help to get set up - Google is your friend, again.)

    I installed Chrome on Knoppix 6.2.0, which I still use, but it took me a regular download of the .deb file (which is more straightforward , IMHO - just install it, no set up.) Search Google for "Chrome download" to go this route, choose which version you want (I like the developer version, as it allows more extensions to work), download the file, then install it via command line (which is accessed via the "monitor" icon on the toolbar), using either sudo gdebi [pkg-name].deb or one of the various other debian-specific software install commands (sudo dpkg -i [pkg-name].deb seems a likely candidate.)


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    or, to make other installation also a little more simple you could go to synaptics package manager and then search for "software-center" you'll get a new icon in the menu for it, open it and install what you like in a more newbie-friendly environment

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