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Thread: problems loading 6.4.4 (total n00b)

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    Question problems loading 6.4.4 (total n00b)

    ok so I have recently decided to enter the world of linux and was told the best way to get acquainted was with a live-cd version of knoppix. i downloaded 6.4.4 from the website and burned the image to a disc. When i boot my system from the knoppix disc..everything loads OK, but when the "desktop" or whatever it is shows totally freezes up and nothing works. any ideas?. Like i said I am a total n00b with linux. thanks!!

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    There's file with cheatcodes to work around various hardware/software issues. Look in the folder KNOPPIX on the CD/DVD and you'll see it. Type in whatever seems applicable to your machine when you boot the disk, before the BIG penguin goes away (the first keystroke stops the clock.)


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    Hi the axeinurface,

    Also read the release notes:

    especially the section Known Bugs & Workarounds.

    This explains that some machines with nVidia and ATI Radeon graphics chipsets don't display properly and suggests workarounds. These seem to resolve the issues most people have (at least those polite enough to give feedback).

    If they don't help we might be able to suggest a couple more things to try if you wish.

    If you are not sure what Krishna means by cheatcodes, ask again (he doesn't bite) or search the forums (or wiki) for cheatcode. They have been discussed a lot.

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