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Thread: X11 server crashes -- a partial fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester View Post
    Ah, I know what ctrl-alt-bksp does not work on some of the later distros ...

    ... it is no longer the default ... you have to tell X you want this functionality.
    That sounds like a BIG clue. I wonder if there's an "intercept and do nothing" type function for ctrl-Alt-Fx in X. But why would it be so consistent for both of us, in opposite ways?
    Apparently, the story goes, Ubuntu users are so crass they keep typing ctrl-alt-bksp by mistake. (How ? The whole point of it being ctrl-alt-bksp is you can't press three keys like that by mistake).
    The mistake is at the source - confusion about another famous "three-finger salute", I bet.
    You can do so too when taking other distros out for a spin. Edit the file /etc/default/keyboard and make sure the line that starts XKBOPTIONS includes the option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp.
    But this is another one that doesn't work for me with Knoppix! I'll definitely poke around, as suggested.
    Now its your turn: find out how to restore the old behaviour of ctrl+alt+del.

    Did you know you can now even get X to give you "shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows" ? There soon won't be any point in using Linux as it will be just a Windows clone. Damn Ubuntu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krishna.murphy View Post
    Hmm - It hasn't worked for me since version 5. On multiple machines, also. With various keyboards, displays, etc.

    I guess it's worth a try, but I'm still using the version I started with when I found that 5.0 wasn't the latest, i.e. 6.2.0. I did move it from my laptop to this machine...

    Well, just try it with any Knoppix 6 CD with no persistent store. That will tell us whether it is your configuration or not. If so, then its a question of finding out what. I see people tend to alter xinitrc instead of xorg.conf. There are several files might be involved.

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    Here's an idea for you to try. It works on my keyboard.

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