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Thread: Knoppix startup on Toshiba Satellite

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    Knoppix startup on Toshiba Satellite


    I bought a live CD from . Knoppix version is 6.7. Toshiba Satellite laptop model is A105 S1014. I think the disc is good because "knoppix testcd" did not show any errors.

    When I boot it with no cheat codes, I see the two penguins and hear an announcement "Initiating startup sequence". And, it gets stuck there and nothing happens thereafter. I am not sure which cheat code would help in troubleshooting this problem.

    I could not find any suggestions on the forum. Any help is appreciated.


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    Dear Anand:

    Take a look at the Hints on F2/F3 (while the two penguins are showing.) There is also a file called "knoppix-cheatcodes" in several formats (including ".txt") in the root directory when looked at with Windows that has a fairly large list of optional paerameters for booting when troubles arise.

    Hope that helps!

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