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Thread: Enabling / Using the external display function on a laptop

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    Enabling / Using the external display function on a laptop


    I'm trying to trouble shoot a laptop that has a cracked screen.

    I'd like to use the FN function to enable viewing on an external display.

    How do I do enable this feature for a particular notebook/laptop with Knoppix?

    And a related question, how do I enable this function when using Knoppix in Fail Safe mod?

    - chase -

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    Greatings chase 1)- I am not a specialist.So you must be critical for my proposition. 2)- I have resolved an analog "problem" on my laptop "xp Athlon" but it may work for any other one. 3)- I just connect the external monitor on my laptop BEFORE BOOTING. 4)- Then I switch it "ON" (but this may be done at any step once the new monitor has BEEN RECOGNIZED by the system. 5)- If switched "ON" I use my "Fn+F4" "F4" being symbolized by "a sreen and a laptop". This enable switching alternately between the two monitor. But this suppose 2 monitors connected. I think the method will work with your external monitor alone once connected before booting. 6)- More (knoppix dvd 6.7.1) : using the monitor settings (1 icon is proposed) I may disable the laptop monitor (definitely if wish...for one session for exemple) I hope this will serve you.I shall read your response eventually...but I am not regularly connected on the forum.I shall try every time I have the possibilty to connect Greatings knp

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