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Thread: kosher bootup sequence?

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    kosher bootup sequence?

    I've got a video of one of my successful boots. I often get a hang up with 'panic', but not this time. I wonder if my bootup sequence is correct? any opinions gratefully received

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    I did not see anything unusual in this video, but it wasn't terribly clear. It sounds like you get inconsistent results, anyway, so a few questions are in order. What version, exactly, are you using? Have you run the self-checking to make sure that your downloaded image was properly burned? Sometimes the image may be downloaded imperfectly, sometimes a disk will burn incorrectly, or a purchased medium will be bad, etc. - we just need to figure out where the process went awry, and these are places to start looking for the cause.

    Let us know what you find when you look into it, please, and if you need more help, how we can help.

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