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Thread: Knoppix 7.2 and Iceweasel extensions

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    Knoppix 7.2 and Iceweasel extensions

    I've upgraded to Knoppix 7.2 and started to customize it to my liking, but one of my standard customizations is to install several Firefox extensions into Iceweasel, including Add-on Update Checker. This extension now tells me that NoScript and FoxyProxy (which both come preinstalled in Knoppix 7.2) already need to be updated, but every attempt I've made to update them has failed. This defeats the purpose of Add-on Update Checker somewhat, because now the "update needed" icon is always lit.

    Does anyone know why these updates are failing?

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    While not as important to me as it used to be, the availability of extensions and compatibility with the latest FireFox is why I've been downloading, installing and using FireFox rather than IceWeasel.

    One of my basic objectives with Knoppix is to run the same software on knoppix as I run on XP when possible.

    I just downloaded the compressed FF files, extracted to a folder, created a shortcut on the desktop and added to the menu:

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