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Thread: Using Overlay Updates in Knoppix 7.2 LiveUSBs

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    Using Overlay Updates in Knoppix 7.2 LiveUSBs

    Given a working Knoppix 7.2 LiveUSB with reiserfs persistence to begin-with,
    and unused space in /mnt-system/ equal to or greater than 40% the size of the
    contents of current /KNOPPIX-DATA, my overlay update process is as follows:

    1. Accumulate a group of changes in the persistence partition, /KNOPPIX-DATA.

    2. Survey the contents of /KNOPPIX-DATA to see if some elements may be omitted
    in preparing a compressed image overlay to replace the contents of /KNOPPPIX-DATA.
    Compress the net group of changes and store the resultant compressed, read-only
    KNOPPIX[n] file temporarily in /mnt-system.

    3. Examine KNOPPIX[n] and determine that its size is (usually) <= 40% the
    size of the net contents of /KNOPPIX-DATA, and that there is no file of this name
    already in /mnt-system/KNOPPIX/. If so, then move KNOPPIX[n] into /mnt-system/KNOPPIX/
    and reboot with noimage cheatcode.

    4. If KNOPPIX[n] seems to correctly represent the now-off-line /KNOPPIX-DATA,
    then use GParted to reformat the reiserfs partition and henceforth boot without
    the noimage cheatcode. Reformatting should provide a new 'empty' persistence file
    to allow further, un-compressed read/write storage of additional system changes.

    I have added a function MakeOverlay to my /etc/profile with root:root privileges;
    this function currently suppresses any files with cache or Cache in its name.
    For example, to make KNOPPIX3 and store it in /mnt-system/, I use a command line
    in a root lxterminal and enter the command, MakeOverlay 3. MakeOverlay is
    defined as follows:

    MakeOverlay() { # Cloop-compress & save /KNOPPIX-DATA as /mnt-system/KNOPPIX$1
    echo -e "Creating "$ISO"; patience, this may take some time..."
    cd /; sudo mkisofs -x *[Cc]ache* -R -U \
    $ISOSRC | create_compressed_fs -B 131072 -m - - > $ISODIR$ISO
    echo ".done; "$ISO" additions from $ISOSRC saved to "$ISODIR"."

    Relevant notes concerning this 'update' process:

    An initially-CD-size Knoppix 7.2 LiveUSB may have up to seven such overlays added.
    However, a single well-planned overlay may be entirely adequate to adapt a
    standard Knoppix to one's own preferences.

    Aside from the sizes of the two partitions, there is effectively no filesize limit
    on the reiserfs partition, but one should be mindful that on /mnt-system
    using Fat32, all files including each KNOPPIX[n] can be, at most, 4 Gb in size.

    One may hesitate indefinitely after a step 2, retaining the most recent KNOPPIX[n]
    merely as a compressed backup of a current /KNOPPIX-DATA, while deferring steps
    3 and 4, the actual implementation of an immediate overlay update. I follow this
    course as a means of recovering from a corrupted persistence file, should that
    occur, and/or as a means to allow ajustments in the current /KNOPPIX-DATA before its
    eventual compression and replacement.

    Copyright TJ Hoye 2013, License GPL Version 2

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    My adaptation of Knoppix 7.2 on 2 Gb SanDisk LiveUSB

    Made LiveCD from downloaded iso.
    Made LiveUSB with reiserfs persistence from LiveCD.

    Added own programs to Fat32 partition including Hiroshige, ChezHoye, HiddenGems,
    ...StackedImages and numerous text files.
    Added Geany, Chromium & Gnome-system-log via Synaptic.
    Added ttf-mscorefonts and flashplugin-nonfree via Knoppix>Install Components.
    Added select bookmarks, and logins to IceWeasel.

    Modified rc.local to fine tune wifi parameters.
    Modified profile to define several unique command line utilities.
    Modified syslog-knoppix.conf to allow re-establishment of syslog.
    Tweaked Log-file-viewer to correct some peculiarities.
    Modified syslinux.cfg to define tz=localtime & to make desktop time show correctly.
    Modified desktop background to Hiroshige print.
    Modified lxpanel apps definitions & adjusted lxpanel apps selection.
    Modified backgrounds, frame sizes and fonts of lxterminals & leafpad.
    Modified frame titles of lxterminals knoppix & root.

    Converted all these changes to KNOPPIX1 & reformatted reiserfs partition.

    Modified sound level via alsamixer gui.
    Added TV Guide channel, grid & isp selections.
    Puzzled whether screensaver does or does not save changed selections.
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    Very interesting utu, thanks!

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