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    Read only

    I need help. I would like to know in simple steps or with a simple explanation what should I do if I am actually using a pen drive with knoppix from the hard drive and I want this folder to become my knoppix cd/dvd as read-only (maintaining what I did with persistence: network, programs,etc). My goal is to use a read-only knoppix only. Can you explain to me the steps?. Must I make an image of the folder and then record it in cd/dvd?. is it enough?. Thanks a lot.

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    If the aim is to run knoppix (including personal tweaks) in read-only mode, it's worth trying to wrap up the content of persistent image/partition into a compressed filesystem by using the create_compressed_fs command. An example can be found in the following link:

    In case of KNOPPIX 7.4.x, it's noteworthy that the /etc/fstab file needs to be absent from any of the compressed KNOPPIX files (KNOPPIX[0-9]) in order to let NTFS partitions be mountable by using PCManFM. This tinny glitch, however, is ineffective when there is a persistent image (possibly including persistent partition) stacking on the top.

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    Thanks a lot superman. I will try it when I can

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    In my case I want to do it in Knoppix 7.2 CD, it's what I normally use.
    I can only see in /KNOPPIX-DATA: etc, home, lost+found, opt, root, usr and var.
    So, as I read in the link you posted, is this what I must do? (because in that folder I don't have bin, sbin and the others):
    sudo mkisofs -R -U etc home lost+found opt root usr var | create_compressed_fs -B 131072 -m - - > /tmp/KNOPPIX1

    When it's done, must I copy the KNOPPIX1 file to DVD-directory folder before making the iso?.
    I don't know how it will work when I boot if I only added a file: KNOPPIX1
    Thanks again.

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