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Thread: Make knoppix run with xmodule=nv

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    Make knoppix run with xmodule=nv

    Hello guys,

    I need a little help from u.
    I have a problem running Knoppix on my old computer.
    Knoppix freeze after displaying the background image.
    I think the problem is from driver/module of the video card (nVidia FX5200) because when i boot knoppix using xmodule=nv command knoppix runs perfect.
    Other thing that i noticed.. when knoppix freezes the video driver for my video card is nouveau not nvidia.
    What can i do (what files do i have to modify) to make knoppix boot with xmodule=nv without me interfering?
    (i am not an expert on linux so please be more detailed)


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    Assuming the bootloader of SYSLINUX is used to boot up KNOPPIX, the xmodule=nv cheatcode can be appended to its configuration file, syslinux.cfg. On a typical set-up of KNOPPIX, the file can be found in the /mnt-system/boot/syslinux folder. The exact place to append the cheatcode is documented under the Micro-Remastering section of KNOPPIX's wiki ( In the case of GRUB Legacy or GRUB2 used as bootloader, the details can also be found on KNOPPIX's wiki (

    For curing the failure to enter runlevel 5, I am gonna keep my mouth shut coz that's too techie for my level... If others have found the time to be on board, they may ask to have a quick peek at the Xorg.log file when booting with the nouveau driver....

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    Time to ask the obvious questions that I've asked so many times before. Did you burn the ISO file at a low speed? Did you check the md5 of the image that you downloaded? Have you run testdisk? Have you run memcheck? What version of Knoppix are you talking about and, if as expected it is the current version, had you been able to run older versions without problems?

    If xmodule=nv resolves your problem, why do you not just do that? Lots of people use "cheat codes" to help Knoppix boot.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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