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Thread: Media support vanishing from Linux Mint

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    Media support vanishing from Linux Mint

    Word posted on Slashdot today is that Linux Mint 18 will ship without Multimedia support ( While details are provided on how to install multimedia support when installing Mint, I suspect that there are others like myself that like the ability to run Linux from a Live disc rather than being required to install it. Knoppix has let me down in this area for years, and now the last Live DVD that I'm aware of that still has native multimedia support is losing it. So if you use a live disc and want multimedia support, or just think that some day in the future it might come in handy, I suggest that you grab a copy of one or more of the Linux Mint 17.x ISO files while you still can.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    A clarification (I hope) about codecs missing in future Mint CD isos

    Hello, Harry.

    I know you like to operate from a CD, but that is a self-selected restriction.
    I'm reasonably sure future Mints will include URLs from which cd users can obtain the necessary codecs.
    If so, LiveUSB, poor-man installs and other types will not find this a significant inconvenience.
    It surely will be more of an inconvenience to you than these other type of installations.

    I deal with this with Ubuntus most of the time where they deny me Broadcom wifi firmware that
    is available online. A nuisance for me which I overcome using an external plugin wifi that doesn't need codecs
    to download the b43 Broadcom firmware. Since I operate LiveUSB, that's about the only incovenience
    I have to suffer.

    This is to say only that the title on your post may be misinterpreted to mean that Mint might not provide
    information with which to get the proper codecs which it formerly provided as a convenience to users.
    What's missing is the former convenience of providing the codecs in the CD iso. Sad, but Ubuntu has been
    doing this for as long as I can remember.
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