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    Xubuntu 16.04 AMD_64 LiveUSB

    Used Windows 7 to locate, select & download 1.2 Gb Xubuntu 16.04 AMD_64 LiveUSB iso.
    Used Windows 7 and UUI, Universal USB Installer, to create a LiveUSB on an 8 Gb Fat-32-
    .....formatted Class 10 SDHC, with ~3 Gb persistence.
    Xubuntu iso contains 1161 Mb squashfs linux which includes inxi, apt, GParted,
    .....Firefox 45.0, LibreOffice 5.1.2, libc6 2.23 and Linux kernel 4.4.0.
    Xubuntu uses overlayfs to combine ro and rw material in ram. Uses systemd throughout.
    Windows 7 uses legacy boot. UEFI boot option available, but not tested here.

    Used external wifi to download Synaptic, after reloading Synaptic, disabled ubiquity
    .....and brought-in ttf-mscorefonts and b43-fwcutter & installer. Upgraded Firefox
    .....from 45.0 to 47.0 to get away from Flash. Removed external wifi.
    Set & reset router password as needed. Re-arranged favorites on Xfce whisker menu.
    Set desktop time format and location to %l:%M %P and America/New_York respectively.
    Brought-in .bash_aliases, ChezHoye bookmark material & Hiroshige print.
    Adjusted Firefox browser homepage to ChezHoye, adjusted font sizes & deleted underlines.
    Set desktop background to Hiroshige print & adjusted vertical gradient background.
    Used Mouse & Touchpad gui to disable touchpad because of interference with typing.
    Initially used ~ 400 Mb of persistence with upgrade, downloads & tweaks.

    85 seconds to browser on-line; 14 seconds to shut-down.
    By default, no ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X.
    dmesg notes 'scanning for low-memory corruption once/minute; at least during boot; also
    .....declares usb corrupted by improper shutdown, needing fsck & warns about ACPI bug.
    md5sums for grub.cfg & loopback.cfg fail; 310 other md5sums are OK.

    Summary of Xubuntu, as a LiveUSB:
    Small footprint iso, but somewhat slow to load & shut-down.
    Ubuntu paradigm live usb: uses squashfs for basic OS & overlayfs to provide persistence.
    Automatically recognized all my Dell laptop hardware, including; keyboard, display, audio,, mice, wifi, clock, ram, cpu & all storage media.
    Accommodates Broadcom wifi; may be slightly less sensitive than some other linuxes.
    Very responsive, attractive, minimal-but-adequate Xfce desktop with essential apps, ready access to other apps if needed.
    Clever, elegant whisker menu; Firefox Oracle Flash replaced with Cisco H264.

    Xubuntu 16.04 AMD_64 has a lot to offer as a LiveUSB in a small package.
    .....A good substitute for a missing 'CD-size' Knoppix, IMO.
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