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Thread: Poor Man's Install to Hard Disk since Knoppix 7.6.0

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    Poor Man's Install to Hard Disk since Knoppix 7.6.0

    I always run Knoppix as a 'Poor man's Install' on my hard drive. I use Grub4DOS to boot my multi OS system and the stanza that boots my Knoppix is something like:

    title Knoppix 7.7 DVD
    # MUST add the mkimage cheat code to create a persistent image file. The cheatcode can be removed once the file is created.
    # Use preferences-desktop inside Knoppix to reset background wallpaper from none to supplied background.jpg.

    kernel (hd0,4)/FrugalLinux/knoppix-770/linux knoppix nomce fromhd=/dev/sdb5 knoppix_dir=/FrugalLinux/knoppix-770 knoppix_name=KNOPPIX lang=uk libata.force=noncq hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1 loglevel=1 tz=localtime apm=power-off
    initrd (hd0,4)/FrugalLinux/knoppix-770/minirt.gz

    Now, this has worked for many years but since the release of 7.6.0 I have had a problem.

    Things proceed OK and then the following message flashes continuously:

    Waiting (USB) Knoppix 7.7 in: /dev/sb5

    After a while I get the message:

    Could not mount disk to /mnt-system. Starting debugging Shell

    and you are dumped at the command prompt.

    I initially thought that this was a bug in 7.6 but it also happens with 7.7.

    Based on the initial message displayed I wondered if a Poor Man's Installed Knoppix would now only boot from USB connected devices. I decided to replace the minirt.gz file from 7.7 with that from 7.5 and it boots! This is a good temporary solution but since the minrt.gz of 7.7 may have other useful improvements I would prefer to solve the problem properly.

    I am a little surprised no one else has reported this problem - Capricorny, for example, boots this way I think?

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Does anybody have a proper solution, which may involve the modification of the files within minirt.gz I guess?

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    Here is the procedure I followed
    Formatting a partition in fat,
    Copy on this dvd partitition via flash install
    Starting with the DVD by doing fromhd = / dev / (fat partition)
    Copy of the boot directory in mnt-system,
    Chmod + x / boot / *
    Back to my boot partition: debian strech
    Editing my /etc/grub.d/40_custom file

    Menuentry 'knoppix' {
    Insmod part_msdos
    Insmod fat
    Insmod chain
    Set root = 'hd1, msdos1'
    Search -no-floppy -fs-uuid -set = root (uuid number of my partition)
    Linux / boot / vmlinuz root = / dev / sdb1
    Initrd /boot/ninirt.gz
    Boot desktop = gnome
    It works very well and the startup is very very fast

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