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Thread: How do I change the colour and font of the window Title bar in Knoppix?

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    How do I change the colour and font of the window Title bar in Knoppix?

    I'm booting Knoppix 7.7.1 from a USB stick, and the Title bar on the selected
    window is rather indistinct. It's a sort of light grey clear-looking Title bar,
    containing text that has an outline appearance, the outline of which is a sort
    of pale white.

    My humble questions are:

    1. How can I change this to a more conventional blue Title bar, with white text?

    2. How can I view other Title bar colours and fonts that I can choose from, and
    how do I make the system use those?

    3. How do I make the changes persist over subsequent boots?

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    I assume you have persistence enabled, otherwise you will lose what you change when you reboot, so make a small obvious change and reboot to see if it gets lost before spending much time customizing.

    Go to menu Preferences, then Customize Look and Feel, then select a Widget like Crux (or a different one you like better), Then select the tab Color, check Use customized color scheme, select to change whichever colors you want, then change the color, click Ok, and when done, click Apply, then click Close. Then menu Logout, Reboot.

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    Thanks thriftee (#2). I do have persistence, and so tried your method.
    Unfortunately it doesn't change the Title bar appearance.

    I would be most grateful if there is anything else that you could suggest.

    I forgot to mention that the window manager is Metacity, and the desktop
    environment is LXDE.

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