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Thread: Trying to use Wine in 7.7.1, missing mono and gecko packages

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    Trying to use Wine in 7.7.1, missing mono and gecko packages

    When I configure Wine it says to install mono and gecko from my distro, and so i found mono-complete and installed it, but then found no gecko package available.

    At this point my worry is that I've destroyed the install and have to redo everything from scratch.

    It offered to install these from the wine site but suggested I don't do that, so I didn't take the options to install them, but now if I run the configure wine option it doesn't ask me if I want to load them.

    Any ideas? I have a program that is windows only for which there isn't an obvious linux alternative.

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    I am not very informed on Linux. But I think the following.

    1- Windows has no OBVIOUS linux ALTERNATIVE. No REAL alternative at all
    other than WINDOWS and its rleases!

    2- While Linux has (NOT obvious) many alternatives: different distributions.

    3- Wine is dedicated for only some "win32 apps".
    WINE...Is Not an Emulator of Windows as it is indicated sometimes.
    Please see the FAQ if you want more....and the "wine site"

    4- Personally I "by-pass" downloading MONO and Gecko. No problem afterwards.

    Perhaps I shall not be able to reconnect before a long time ago.
    So excuse me if I cannot follow all of your thread.

    Good chance


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