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Thread: Inexplicable emergence of boot error msg: but nothing else has changed!

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    Inexplicable emergence of boot error msg: but nothing else has changed!

    Have been using 8.6.0 on a 32G FAT32 boot stick since forever.
    Seamless. Perfect every time. No glitches.
    The stick has one partition showing as /dev/sda1. (The host HD is /dev/nvme0n1..)
    There is no additional partition /dev/sda[234].
    Just lately red script caught my eye during the boot process.
    The message vanishes so rapidly I had to video the boot process to catch it.

    I get AS USUAL:
    Knoppix 8.6 found at /dev/sda1
    >>> Starting lin Live-Mode
    >>> Please do not remove medium until shutdown!
    But this is NEW:
    Using /dev/sda3 (rw) [in yellow]
    mount: mounting /dev/sda3 on /KNOPPIX-DATA failed: No such device
    sb: Used: bad number
    Overlay /KNOPPIX-DATA: partition s too small (<400M) [in shocking red]

    Can anybody explain this? I repeat: there is no sda3 (or 2 ; or 4).
    It looks as though mounting sda3 is part of some hardwired boot script fragment, but this has not occurred before.
    Or confirm my only theory so far: the stick is on its way out and notwithstanding a clean report from all of
    fdisk -l
    dosfsck -r
    chkdsk /f [in Windows]
    it should be replaced.

    But it would ne nice to KNOW, not merely GUESS.

    Thank you!

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    Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 and you can see the boot messages (on tty1), no need to make video. To return to X (tty6): Alt-F6.

    If your stick has only 1 partition, then the PC should have the "sda3". Otherwise, when you run KNX from a stick, the stick part. will be sdb and the hosting PC part. sda (if the stick and PC has only one-one drive with one-one part.).
    You can use various commands to get detailed information: lsblk, lsusb, blkid, parted -s /dev/sdX p (where X can be a, b, c...).

    After that, study the /init script which purpose is:
    # 1. Mounting CD, DVD, Flashdisk or network drive,
    # 2. unifying read-only compressed file system and ramdisk or file overlay,
    # 3. give control to the real sysv init, which then continues to work like
    # we booted from a single disk partition.

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