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Thread: How is Knoppix accessing the internet through eth and wlan differently?

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    How is Knoppix accessing the internet through eth and wlan differently?

    Prof. Klaus Knopper and Team Knoppix,

    The general direction in debian for accessing internet through the wlan interface is here:
    5.6.6. The basics of wireless LAN interface and further.

    But that includes appropriate entries in the /etc/network/interfaces file, as described in the debian manual.

    I checked the file /etc/network/interfaces here in knoppix, but there were no special entries. However, through network-manager nm-applet, seeking, identifying and configuring the wlan only through password for wifi security in wpa could be accomplished in a breeze.

    Wow! Thank you, Prof. Knopper, for this design.

    How is this achieved? I am eager to know, as I am facing a great deal of difficulty in configuring the wlan interface to access the internet in Debian, although the wlan0 card easily identifies the various wireless networks in the viccinity, like it does here in knoppix.

    I have installed wpagui in knoppix too, but it doesn't show anything different. It is not even able to scan the network. Then what is the role of wpa_supplicant here in the scheme of things?

    Could someone help and guide me on the way knoppix networking is set up to access the internet so easily? Please?!

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