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Thread: Knoppix doesn't load

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    Knoppix doesn't load

    Hi I have just downloaded the latest version of Knoppix via this website ( and it will not boot - I have tried repeatedly and every time it gets as far as probing SCSI... aic7xxx.o (or something along those lines) and stays there. I have waited upto an hour on one occasion to see whether it was just very slow (since I have not run it before).
    My machine is a Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz with 512MB SDRAM, 4 USB ports (Intel), a Seagate 40GB 7200RPM HDD and a Western Digital 60GB 5400RPM HDD (both on the same IDE chain). The CD reader I am trying it in is a Philips CDRW (54x) and I have also tried booting from the DVD drive in the same way (which is a pretty new (about 4 months old) Lite-on (16x dvd speed) drive. I also have a USB Alcatel Speedtouch modem plugged in, but I have tried with it unplugged also, and AGP GeForce2 MX440 64MB AGP graphics. I also have a Winmodem, NIC and Sound onboard (all three).
    I also have NO SCSI devices.
    BTW when I boot I do not type anything, I just hit return (enter) at the BOOT: prompt, since I do not know what to write.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Have a look at the cheat codes either in the Docs section, on the cd itself or even when you boot the cd. Try this:

    boot:knoppix noscsi

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    Thanks, I just came back here to say that I can boot by typing expert and saying no to scsi support, but this method looks even better since I dont have to press yes and no to the various items thanks

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