.455 Webley Conversion, Headspacing Rings For Sale

.455 Webley Conversion, Headspacing Rings

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.455 Webley Conversion, Headspacing Rings:

These loading discs are machined from 4130 steel sheet. They have been produced with milling machine and lathe to allow converted Webley No. 1 Mk V and Mk VI ( I can alter for earlier Mks ) revolvers to shoot the original 455 Webley, Colt, and Eley caliber ammunition. Using original .455 Webley ammo is safer in these revolvers than some 45acp ammo. The original factory ammo is loaded to the correct pressure and uses the correct bullet to give better shooting results. A customer has reported better accuracy with no keyholing and groups closer to point of aim using .455 factory made ammo.

These rings are made .047 to .049 inch thick to “replace” the amount of material removed from your cylinders in converting to .45 acp use. I can supply the rings in different thicknesses to accommodate your revolver, however, if it has unusual head-space. This can be measured by using automotive feeler gauges stacked in a combination that will just enter smoothly the area between rear of cylinder and recoil shield at the upper position. This dimension is usually .095” to .100”. Most buyers have not measured this; I have sent the average thickness and that has worked well for them.

They are meant to allow the use of the original thinner rimmed Webley ammo in guns that have had their cylinders and extractors faced off in a lathe to make them accept 45 Auto Rim and 45 acp ammo with clips. Your converted Webleys can with these rings use original .455 MkI and .455 Mk II ammunition. 455 ammunition does not snap into the rings. They are only positioned with corrected head-space to allow sure ignition and safe firing. Positioning has been assured by using a rotary table on the milling machine and following the practice of drilling, boring, then reaming the cartridge holes. These are offered in-the-white. The steel will readily accept cold bluing, rust bluing, or hot water bluing.

Several buyers have wanted rings to enable the use of .45 Colt cases that have been shortened. Let me know if you want this and I'll send a ring of appropriate thickness for use with .45 Colt or .45 S&W Schofield cases that have been shortened. The most accurate way for me to supply these is for you to give me your revolver's head-space, but again, average thickness for this type case will likely work fine.

If you are purchasing a ring to use in a Mk I, II, III, or IV Webley, tell me and I will reduce the outside diameter to 1.718” to match the O.D. of your cylinder. Rings are now 1.745” O.D. For Mk V and Mk VI. A recent buyer informed me these also work with a Webley WG.

In the conversion process of machining off the rear of the cylinder and the extractor, a few of these guns have been left with a step at the base of the ratchet. If your gun has an extractor with a step or larger diameter section at the ratchet's base, please inform me when purchasing and I'll send a conversion ring with larger center hole to clear this. So far, only about 2% of my customers have found this on their guns. No extra charge for modifying the ring to fit your gun.

An extreme case of needed modification is shown in the last picture. Out of more than two hundred parts sold, only two customers have needed a ring like this to accommodate non-flatness on the rear surface of their revolver's cylinder and extractor. Only the tips of the extractor engage the conversion ring made like this one. An additional $5.00 charge is needed to make a ring such as this.

Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered for .455 originally and converted to 45acp have different dimensions. I do have a few of the rings made for S&W .455 Mk II, the second model. Write if you are interested in a S&W ring before purchasing from this listing.

The ammo and the revolver in the pictures are NOT for sale. The ammunition you will see is marked 45 Colt but the case rims were thinned to approximate Webley ammo dimensions (.033 to .039 inches) and shortened to be used as .455 cal..

Returns are OK if item is not altered or damaged.

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