16GB DDR3 Memory HP Workstation Z800 For Sale

16GB DDR3 Memory HP Workstation Z800

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16GB DDR3 Memory HP Workstation Z800:

16GB DDR3 ECC Registered Kit (PC3-8500, DDR3-1066MHz)-16GBMEMORY FOR HP WORKSTATION Z800. Major brandDIMMs manufactured byHynix, Micron &Samsung

  • Buy with confidence each DIMM is tested in HP workstationsfor 24 hours
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ECC Registered DIMMs &ECC UDIMMscan not be mixed. If your system came with ECC UDIMMs then use of registered DIMMs will require removal of all existing UDIMMs.

Before you buy this memory:

This memory is not compatible with regular PC, please buy this memory only if you have HP Z800 computer or send us a message to confirm compatibility.

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