IBM PS/2 Server 95 Model 8595-0MG. Vintage MicroChannel w/Win95OSR2. MCA For Sale

IBM PS/2 Server 95 Model 8595-0MG. Vintage MicroChannel w/Win95OSR2. MCA

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IBM PS/2 Server 95 Model 8595-0MG. Vintage MicroChannel w/Win95OSR2. MCA:

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IBM 8595-0MGPre-Loaded with Win95 OSR2Mega Server! This "Type 3" -xMx server rates in the top 10 percent of all IBM PS/2 vintage servers. It does not have a "slow" speed like most of the other 8595/9595 servers. It runs on "high" (50mhz front speed bus) all the time. The integrated 12ns L2 cache gives you a 30 percent boost over the other 8595/9595 models, even if you were lucky enough to have an L2 cache module for a "Type 1" processor board. And this is the only non-Type 4 processor complex to support Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory -- what real servers run!Key Features
  • i80486-DX50! (NOT a DX25-50)
  • 256k 12ns Integrated L2 Cache Module
  • 16 megabytes of ECC RAM
  • XGA-2 Video
  • 540mb SCSI Hard Drive (Conner CP30540 -- No Warranty)
  • 3Com 3C529 Ethernet Adapter for Ethernet LANs
  • IBM Token Ring Adapter, making it a perfect network bridge machine
  • 2.88 ED ("Extended Density") 3.5" FDD
  • One serial port
  • One parellel port
  • 300 watt PSU
  • Upgraded SCSI cache BIOS permitting 3.94G boot disk and abt. 9G SCSI disks
Cosmetic Condition: If you look closely you will see very few scratches and areas of bear metal. This server is free of dents and has very little rust. While it's not a 10, the front bezels look great, and I don't know when I will find another in my inventory that looks this good.Comparative Value: Well! Glad you asked. Not long ago a 9595 server sold in a similar category on for $899. "As-Is". No hard drive! 12 megs of RAM. No pedestal. Missing bezels. No power cord. But like this system, it did have a new button-cell system battery! I spent hours just cleaning and configuring this server. Other sellers??Far more than just a collector's dream come true, this server can do everything it ever did. Add a 2nd hard drive (in some cases RAM) and you can boot and run DOS, Linux, BeOS, AIX, Win95/98/98SE, OS/2, FreeBSD, NetBSD, SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Solaris x86, and a host of other operating systems where you can run word processors, spreadsheets, paint programs, legacy games and more.Includes pedestal, power cord. No monitor, keyboard or mouse. Any locks pictured have no keys and are not functional. "As Is????" Why on earth would you ever want to buy one of these "As Is"? That just means "broken" and "your headache to fix all by your lonesome". I understand why over 90 percent of the sellers sell them this way or in pieces. It can be hard just to have all the right pieces, but to get them all working together is an order of magnitude higher level of difficulty. That's why I only list hard drives as not covered under warranty.About the Seller: Hi, I'm Charles "Lasitter" from Ludlow, Massachusetts, and I'm the only one by that name in the state. I hope to be working with you from beginning to end to insure your happiness with this transaction. Please also check my seller "FAQ" -> Other (under my seller profile) for other important questions that I've tried to answer in advance.If you're a vintage computer collector, you're probably believe, as I do, that these MicroChannel Architecture (MCA) computers were revolutionary in their time, can still do useful work today, and are some of the best engineered computers that IBM ever made. And they were also the first computers where "plug and play" actually worked!I've owned this desktop (and others) for nearly 30 years, and they have travelled with me for thousands of miles. My mission has been to find a home for them so as to keep them from an ignominious scrap heap.A Story from Real Life: A seller's response score is important, but it's just one indicator of what your sales experience might be like with a given seller. "No problem" sales are great, of course, but I recently had a system sale with scarfacetrujillo (Gustavo Moreno, Barceloneta, Puerto Rico) that went almost perfectly, and he has allowed me to share his sales experience with you: What went wrong? "The system was supposed to ship with 16mb RAM and a single, smaller capacity HDD with the OS loaded. Just before shipping, "lasitter" discovered that the hard drive had failed, and in order to speed the shipping process, he made up for the SNAFU with the OS on CD-ROM, double the RAM, twice as many HDD with 3x the original storage capacity. Wow!"And the condition of the system? "I've received some systems trashed so badly in shipment that I had to be issued a full refund. But this time? The system description was accurate and the packaging was second to none -- top notch!!!! Everything came in perfect!!! All running smoothly. Thank you for such a pleasant transaction and all the extra goodies you included." (I love including free extra goodies!)Local pickup is Free! Live in the northeast? You may be closer than you realize: Driving from Connecticut? Ludlow's just 40 minutes from Hartford, and 75 minutes from New Haven. It's just 65 minutes from southern Vermont (Brattleboro), and under 90 minutes from Boston and Albany. And local pickup has obvious benefits:
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And if you're not close enough to visit, you can always take advantage of standard shipping ...Shipping: Ships UPS Ground. Ask about store purchases for upgrades that you might like to see shipped / configured with this system. does not allow for changes in shipping weight after the completion of an sale, so something like another HDD, purchased thru my store, would add to the weight, but would be much less than if shipped separately. As configured shipping weight approximately 60 pounds.Packaged with Skill and Care: Getting one of these computers to you in anything like working condition is a tall order. Shipping companies treat a sack of potatoes with more respect. Unlike legacy Apple and Mac computers which are largely plastic, these IBM computers are mostly steel, and therefore heavy.And while much of the case and frame is steel, the fronts are covered with plastic bezels for things like the FDD and grills for venting, and these things do not stand up to much abuse. Solution? Expensive, specially sized-to-fit, double wall boxes, along with custom cut-to-fit semi-rigid foam to absorb shocks, along with anti-stat void fill. I hate it when crumbled styrofoam invades the case, or worse the power supply, so this computer case is first engulfed in stretch wrap to keep that stuff out, with an extra helping of super-duty bubble wrap to protect the front bezels. The carton is well sealed with heavy duty carton sealing staples, so you'll need to have your pliers ready!Check the listing photo of packaging methods that is typical of what you'll get with this unit, and you'll see why all this effort gives us a better than average chance that this vintage desktop reaches you in working condition, or with minor issues which we can work together to resolve via telephone / remotely.Warranties and exclusions: You have seven days to test the system after arrival and notify me of defects. Before shipping, this computer will have passed a slew of diagnostic tests provided by IBM. And that's a lot! Most sellers just press the power button and call it a day if the green light comes on. They have no idea what a "wrap plug" is, or that if you want to thoroughly test the serial and parallel ports, you've got to have them. They don't have 2.88 media, so they can't test the FDD properly. I could go on, but this desktop is not "as-is". The hard drive will also have passed all advanced diagnostics, including a fresh low level format and media surface scan, but "tested and working when it left" is all I can guarantee for hard drives. Thirty year old hard drives are fickle and can fail at a moments notice, so I would urge you to locate a backup or a "SCSI2SD" replacement option. The system as a whole is guaranteed to meet with your approval. If you want to ship it all back in original condition, returns are accepted.Included software comes without warranty: You are responsible for knowing how to configure the operating system and networking. Settings for the networking need to be tweaked for your specific LAN. All software is provided "for demonstration purposes" only, without original diskettes or certificate of authenticity. Win95OSR2 boots quickly, Current configuration: The machine (Computer) is the "Matrix" and you are (User) "Thomas A Anderson" working for "MetaCortex" (Company/Workgroup). The password is "password" Escape the Matrix if you can ...Want it Fast? This system can easily accept a number of upgrades you might have on your shelf, and if you have something special in mind just ask. This system, like many of the higher performing PS/2 performing systems in the same family, use a "processor complex" instead of just a CPU socketed on the mainboard. That means the entire complex can be swapped out for higher performance needs. Don't touch that offer button yet!!! If you've never seen the inside of a computer before, this sale might not be for you. You need some combination of experience, help, and sense of adventure when you first start working with computers that my be older than you are!Not Enough Info? If I've failed to give you the information you need, you can "contact the seller" and text your questions to me. Something like: Contact the Seller -> Topics -> Other -> How to call the seller. Just keep in mind that I'm in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT/UTC -4) so it may be a while before I get back to you.Grand Prize: (RIP) I'm in my mid-60s and know I won't live forever -- or even long enough to sell off all my collection of PS/2 computers. So I'm taking names of PS/2 enthusiasts in the USA with large basements that might wish to inherit this collection. My interest is in seeing the collection go to someone that loves this stuff vs someone that only wants it for scrap gold or to part it out. My estate might even be in a position to split the cost of an intermodal container to some distant part of the copy copyright © Charles Lasitter, Ludlow, MA, USA, 2020 Last updated 27.5.2021

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