Macintosh 128K 1984 Upgraded to Plus Original Box + Extras For Sale

Macintosh 128K 1984 Upgraded to Plus Original Box + Extras

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Macintosh 128K 1984 Upgraded to Plus Original Box + Extras:

This is an original Macintosh 128K, upgraded to a Macintosh Plus.
I am the second owner and knew the original owner through a Mac user group. I have owned this computer since 2005, but have used it more or less for display purposes. While this is far and away the most immaculate looking original Mac I have personally encountered, it's time for me to let this go to someone new here.
The serial number is F43044QM0001, indicating a late July manufacture in 1984.I believe it was upgraded to a Plus sometime early in the Plus's run, sometime around mid-1986.Only the logic board and drive were upgraded, not the keyboard.
The original owner no longer had some of the disks; it was customary for user groups to give away new versions of the system and MacWrite/MacPaint back then. The original manual was also discarded in favor of the Plus manual, although the drive upgrade booklet is also here. The cassette tape is still around.
The boxes are in good shape. The mouse and keyboard boxes are intact with some wear around the edges. The power cord box is also present, though the original cord is no longer here. I'll provide a comparable replacement. The original programmer's switch is still in the box and was likely never installed.
The computer itself is in great condition. There are no nicks or scratches from what I can see. It even has the original plastic wrap inside the box. It does turn on and boots. As you can see from the photo, it was upgraded to 2.5MB RAM at some point.
Now for a few things that you'll need to address:- The internal floppy drive makes a clicking noise when it attempts to read a diskette.- Neither floppy drive will eject without the use of a paper clip (very common on these models)- The keyboard will not respond. The computer itself is fine, as I tried it with another keyboard and it worked with that one, but this particular keyboard appears to no longer function (though it is in great shape physically).
The mouse works well.
Also included is an external floppy drive with its original box. The manual is in the box (I'd have a picture here but am limited to 12 photos here). As hinted above, it does work, but needs an eject gear.
I also am tossing in three shrink-wrapped, never used software items:- Promotional copy of MacProject- Promotional copy of MacTerminal- Brand new copy of Microsoft Excel 1.0
I will be having this item professionally packed. It will ship in two boxes: one will contain the computer box and the other the disk drive and software. I will ship via USPS. Packing will be done by The Shipping Depot in Allison Park, PA.
The Mac will be shipped on Monday morning, June 28.
Local pickup anywhere in the Pittsburgh/Youngstown metro is also available.
The computer and all parts are sold as-is.
This is a beautiful computer and a worthy addition to any collection or museum. While it will require a little technical know-how to be completely functional again, it represents a great relic of its time, especially with the packaging. Although it is no longer a stock 128K, it will be much more usable for anyone who wishes to use this as an actual computer system.

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