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Thread: USB modem driver installation help

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    USB modem driver installation help

    Hi People,

    I am newbie to Linux world. I have managed to install Knoppin 3.9 to install on HD and looks great. Now I wish to use internet. I have visited eciadsl site and have downloaded nortek driver as mentioned there. I had gone through the tutorial on eciadsl site but the basic tutorial is in different language (not english) and the other tutorial steps are not exactly for Knoppix. My modem is Dlink DSL 200 Rev B.

    Could you please help me and provide exact steps for installation.

    Let me know if you need more info on the matter.

    Thanks again.


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    I'm in the same situation as munno (even have the same USB ADLS modem). I'm a complete linux newbie, but have successfully booted into knoppix. No DSL though... can someone post in easy steps the way to get the drivers for the modem working, and getting PPP up and going?

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    Please help us here.


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