Free Knoppix CD/DVD Download (or Buy)


Download Knoppix Live CD or Live DVD with BitTorrent

This website is about Knoppix, a Free and Open Source Live Linux CD and this page covers how you can download a copy of this boot CD. There are three ways to get Knoppix Live DVD or Live CD:

1. Download a copy via BitTorrent

2. Download a copy from a mirror via FTP (right click and choose download). Some technical skills required to test the checksum of the download and to make an ISO image of the file on to disk.

3. Buy a copy starting from $1.95 for shipping anywhere in the world.

Download Knoppix Live DVD and Live CD via BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a P2P (peer-to-peer) application which enables you do download Knoppix from multiple computers at the same time. BitTorrent, when properly set up, will usually give you a faster download than obtaining the Knoppix CD or DVD from one of the mirrors. It also includes its own file checking, so will avoid the file corruption problems sometimes seen with using mirrors to download. Users behind a firewall that they cannot control (such as those downloading at work or at an Internet cafe) may still need to use the mirrors below, but BitTorrent is suggested for most downloaders.

To use BitTorrent, Download it, and visit the Knoppix BitTorrent Tracker, and click the "DL" link next to the image you want to download ( -EN or -DE ). Save that file, then run btdownloadgui KNOPPIX-[date].torrent. Leave the program running when your download has finished, as you'll be uploading it for other people.

Download Knoppix for free with FTP

Knoppix CDs and DVDs from $1.95
Knoppix on a USB Key from $14.95

Worldwide Shipping - Why bother making your own?

For the latest list of FTP mirrors, check the news forum, or the Mirror list on the official site.

Buy a CD

You can also buy Knoppix on CD or DVD, or other Linux CDs, for a small amount - has the latest Knoppix DVD for only $1.95, they also have a free worldwide shipping deal if you order a few CDs. Buying a disk via this link earns us a few cents that we use for the upkeep of this site.

Buy Knoppix on a USB Key

Knoppix is also available on USB here from $15.95 including worldwide shipping.